The Good Girls by Sara Shepard Review

9781471404320[obviously spoilers below for the book in questions]

This is the second book in the perfectionists series which I read a few weeks after the first one. I enjoyed the first one a lot. I thought it was really good, I loved all the characters and I was really engaged and interested in the murder mystery plot of the novel. The ending was brilliant and made me eager to dive into the next one.

Now this book started off great. We were thrown back into the plot and the twisted messed up lives of our 5 main characters, each of which get more interesting as the book goes on. There’s a lot of drama going on and it was honestly as addicting as the first one. Ava’s boyfriend is arrested for the murder of her teacher, Julie’s social life is slowly being destroyed by Ashley, Caitlin is having trouble deciding between Jeremy and his brother, Parker is having trouble with, lets face it her life and Mac is still fighting over boys with her best friend Claire. I really like all the characters in this novel, except Ashley and Claire who made me want to throw my book.

There were a lot of happy and sad moments in this book. There was also a lot of murder, cheating and lying. I was very addicted all the way through and I really loved the plot all the way through.

That was until the ending.

Now major major spoilers coming up, although to be honest you shouldn’t be reading this review if you didn’t want to read spoilers. So we finally find out who the killer is, and it’s Julie. Now by this point Julie has already killed almost everyone from the list and we’re led to believe it was Parker who did it. Then we find out Parker is actually a figment of Julie’s imagination and that the real Parker died a year before. Out of grief Julie began imagining Parker and carrying out tasks and activities dressed as her. So she was basically talking to herself the whole time and every time Parker spoke to one of the girls, it was actually Julie talking to them.

Now Julie was my favourite character and I was really disappointed in the ending. I’d heard this theory about the characters before but I brushed it off, not wanting it to be true. I wanted Julie to get a happy ending, but instead she was put in an mental health center, which she then escaped from. We’re left with Julie sat in an hotel room talking to Parker, who apparently it’s not real. Kind of a disappointing ending. Julie and Parker’s friendship was one of my favourite things about this book and too that torn apart kind of hurt.

Worse still this is the last book in the series, and whilst I’m glad it didn’t take the usual Sara Shepard book route and go on for 14 books and I wish at had at least one more. I was really hoping in the end it turned out Parker was alive and that Julie wasn’t making her up, or something of that sort that didn’t 100% ruin my favourite character of the series. Not only that but I’m very attached to a lot of the characters and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them after only two books. I feel like I’ve got so many unanswered questions and I’m disappointed that this is the ending of the series and also the last book. I feel kind of cheated of a real ending and like my favourite character has been crushed, chewed, swallowed and spat back out again.

Anyway I give this book a 5/10. It’s a great series and it’s really addicting but the ending was just so disappointing it ruined it for me a lot.


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