Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Christmas Crackers

DSCF2782 DSCF2781DSCF2785DSCF2787

I received this really pretty gift set for Christmas. At first I was really confused because I thought it was just a box of Christmas crackers, however inside each crack was a small bottle of product from a brand I’d never heard of before called Baylis & Harding.  Each product came in a beautiful white and gold sparkly cracker, that you could either open like a normal cracker (by pulling both ends) or just unwrap normally. In order to preserve the beautiful packaging I stuck to just undoing the ends and sliding the products out. Because I’m picky like that and I like pretty packaging.

The products themselves… aren’t the greatest. The gift set came with two bottles of ‘balancing body wash’ and ‘moisturizing body lotion’. First off both the bottle are really small and pretty, one is white with a gold lid and design and the other is clear with a gold lid and design. The latter reminds me of one of those little ‘drink me’ bottles from Alice in Wonderland. Now these products are supposed to smell like sweet mandarin & grapefruit. Now to me it does smell slightly like mandarin. It’s got a very citrus like smell to it. To be honest it reminds me of those sweets you get that are covered in sugar and look like fruit. It’s quite a strong sickly sweet smell, and I’m someone who does not ever find smells too sweet.

I’ve tried out both these products and I’ve I’m honest I’ve not been that impressed. The body wash, which comes in a tiny 30ml bottle is a thick gold liquid. It doesn’t lather very well and the smell doesn’t last very long at all. After showering the smell was immediately gone from my skin. I felt the same with the moisturizer. The scent didn’t last very long after applying and my skin didn’t feel moisturized after, in fact it felt more dry.

So overall these products aren’t good at all. It might just me being picky and annoying, but apart from the really pretty packaging I was just really disappointed with these products and I think I’ll stick to my body shop shower gels from now on.

Thanks for reading!:)



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