Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara

2Link: [x] | Price: £6.99

I’ve been using this mascara for about a month now. I brought this in October last year and up until last month had never used it. I wanted to try it out because I’d just never tried it and was generally interested. I’ve heard great reviews about it, which is why I brought it in the first place so at the beginning of January I switched out my Roller Lash Mascara for this one.

I will say this mascara is very dark. It also has a short but thick wand, that has a small hole in the middle. I think this helps the mascara stick to it more. Because the wand is rather short I find it’s very good at getting to the corner lashes. It’s easy to apply and makes my lashes look very dark and thick. I will say the staying power is probably not that great. It doesn’t last all day and you’ll probably have to reapply it after a few hours. So although it’s a good mascara in terms of how it makes you eyelashes look the staying power isn’t that great and if you’re going to wear this you’ll probably need to reapply it at some point during the day.

Generally I’d give this mascara an 8/10. It’s really good and probably my favourite drugstore mascara.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


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