Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation

4Link: [x] | Price: 5.99

I recently ran out of the foundation I was using and I really like trying new foundations. I think every time I run out of foundation I buy one I’ve never tried before just because I just really like trying new foundations. Anyway I picked this one up from Collection because I’ve never tried it before and it was on offer.

I’ve found this foundation to give quite a thick coverage, but in a good way. It seems to cover all blemishes and give a nice finish without making you look cakey. It apparently has 16 hour wear and I can say it does seem to last quite a long time. I never really wear my makeup for that long but it does seem to last for a pretty long time when I do wear it. I have it the second lightest shade, Ivory which is just a tiny bit darker than my skin tone.. I’ve learned to avoid the lightest shade of foundation simply because a lot of the time the lightest shade tends to have pink undertones which don’t go well with my pale skin.

Anyway this foundation has great coverage and great staying power. It’s oil free and apparently SPF 20, which is great because who doesn’t love SPF.

I’d probably give this a 9/10.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


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