Wish List

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So I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping lately. And by online shopping I mean reading blogs and watching youtube beauty videos, going to websites to look at the price of things and then sighing and closing the browser. Either that or it’s stuff I’ve picked up in stores or seen in magazines and wrote down the name of it yet never picked it up. So I decided to make this little wish list post, both for present me and future me. I’m hoping one day I’ll have enough money to buy all this and can look back at this and smile, or knowing me I’ll look back at and still not be able to afford it. Or maybe I will have gone completely off makeup in 20 years. Who knows. Anyway just a list of some beauty products, most of which are cosmetics that I’ve seen around and heard great things about but I can’t really afford right now. I’m not complaining about what I do have as I’m very grateful for everything in my life but if I did have have some magical unlimited budget, this is what I would spend it on.


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