Barry M Lipstick

5Ribbet collageLink: [x] [x] | Price: £4.49

So I recently purchased 2 Barry M Lipsticks. I’ve never tried lipsticks from Barry M before so I was excited to try these out, especially since I’m just getting into lipsticks. For some reason lipsticks don’t really work on me and I find it card to get them to stick to my lips. These however seem to work very well for me.

The first one is named Genie and it’s a light green stick that when applied to the skin/lips comes out pink. Apparently it comes out a different shade of pink on everyone. On me it comes out in a dark rose pink. It looks really nice against pale skin and looks really nice on. I do get some weird looks when putting it on though, since it’s green but comes out pink. The other Barry M lipstick I own is in a light coral tone and is believe it or not named Coral. It’s a very nice colour that looks really nice on. I really love it and it’s become one of my favourite go to-lipsticks.

The staying power is really great with these and I find they don’t dry my lips out as much as the other lipsticks do and actually they generally make my lips feel more moisturized. So yeah these lipsticks are great, I’ve only tried these two colours so far but I really do want to try some other colours in the future because there’s are amazing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


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