The Kill Order Book Review

llllllllllll[Spoilers for the book in question below]

So I recently (and by recently I mean a month ago) finished reading The Kill Order by James Dashner which is the prequel book to the Maze Runner Series. It’s set before The Maze was built and centers around a teenage boy named Mark and his older army general friend Alec.

Now I want to start of by saying I really love the maze runner trilogy, it’s a brilliant series and the story, world and characters are amazing. But with this book I wasn’t as impressed. First off there was a whole bunch of characters introduced in the beginning that didn’t have enough description for me to tell them apart. Later the story branched off and mostly became Mark and Alec and a little bit about Trina, Deedee and Lana. I learned more about them and whilst their was very little description about their looks during the story I kind of made my own idea of how they looked. So throughout the whole story I was imagining Mark as Nat Wolff, Alec as Tommy Lee Jones and Trina as AnnaSophia Robb, which did help with the lack of description slightly.

The story itself was kind of predictable. I don’t know if it’s because the stories a prequel and I haven’t read many prequels before but it just felt it was repeating everything we learned at throughout the Maze Runner series and we weren’t really learning much knew. The characters weren’t that captivating really and I didn’t really care about them all that much. I couldn’t really find myself to care about what happens to them or be that interested in their journey, no matter how much I tried.

This book took me a lot longer than it usually does to read a book and I think that’s because it wasn’t really that much of a page turner. It eventually felt like a bit of a chore to read it and I wasn’t ever really eager to pick it up. I was planning what book I was going to read next whilst reading it, because I couldn’t wait to read something else. I know there’s another novel in the Maze Runner series, called the Fever Code that comes after the Kill Order but before the Death Cure but I think I’m going to take a break from reading this series for a while and come back to it later when I’m not as disappointed with the series.

So despite the fact the Maze Runner is an amazing series that I adore I did not enjoy The Kill Order as much at all as I found it quite boring and found I wasn’t as captivated by the world as much as I like to be when reading books. But as always, I’ve seen reviews where people both love and hate this book so each to their own.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


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