Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review

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Link: [x] | Price: £8.00

I’ve seen a lot of people raving about this palette for a while now, mostly because it has so many amazing colours in it. It has 32 shades, 27 are shimmer and 5 are matte. I love how it has so many different shades, mostly neutral with a few corals and greys thrown in there. I feel like you do just about every look with this palette as it has colours for every occasion. My favourite colours are probably Bare Pink, Zorba, Pug, Cookie Dough, Autumn and Whole Meal. I really love all the different colour names even if Cookie Dough does always make me hungry.

These are all really pigmented and really easy to reply. I will say however their staying power doesn’t seem to be that especially without any sort of eye primer. They last for a few hours but not really a full working day, so I really only tend to wear these if I’m only going to be makeup for a few hours or if I’m going to take it with me to update my makeup throughout the day.

I should also mentioned I love that this palette comes with a huge mirror, which should honestly be a standard for any palette. Also I did plan to do some swatches of the entire palette and then the memory card those pictures were on got corrupted, but when it’s fixed I’ll try and upload the swatches.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


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