Patisserie de Bain Cranberries & Cream Duo Gift Set

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Link: [x] | Price: £10.00

I recently picked up this Cranberries & Cream body set from superdrug for 10 pounds. My Nan had this at her house and I borrowed some when I came round and fell in love with the smell. The smell is so strong and sweet and smells exactly like the packet says: Cranberries and Cream. If you don’t like strong sweet smells this is probably not for you but I adore them.

It comes with one bottle of Bath & Shower Creme and one bottle of hand and body lotion. Both the creme and the lotion are super soft silky liquids. They make my skin feel amazing, especially the lotion which when put on after shaving makes my legs feel super silky smooth. The strong smell they both have also lasts for ages and really lingers so that your skin smells amazing long after application.

I’d definitely give this a 10/10 and I can say I’ll most likely be repurchasing at some point.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day <3


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