3 Favourites – #1



So recently I’ve been reading a lot of casual blogs. By casual blogs I mean blogs that really don’t have a specific topic, which I suppose mine doesn’t either because I talk about a lot of different unrelated topics on here. But I kind of mean those blogs where people just talk about their daily life and goings on and all the jazz. ANYWAY, one of the things I’ve read a lot on these blogs is posts talking about recent purchases or recent finds. I really like the idea of this because it’s different to a haul post and also I can feature just a few things that I’ve purchased over many months rather than a bunch of things I purchased in one go.

So one of the things I recently purchased was these three notebooks from Wilko. Wilko is a small convenience store in the UK. I normally go in there with my friends to get snacks but they have an amazing stationery range, including a pastel range. I restrained myself from buying the whole range and picked up 3 notebooks instead. One is a nice plain blue, one has a sort of white, pink, green, blue and yellow striped patterned and the other is a nice light purple covered in little diamonds. They were a pound each and they’re so cute. I find I never really manage to fill up spiral notebooks and because these are rather small I’ll probably fill them up quicker and then I won’t feel bad about wasting my money on even more notebooks. I’m using one for blog related stuff, one for uni stuff and one for writing stories/book related stuff in.

The second item I recently purchased is the Vitamin E Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator. I picked this up because I had problems with my foundation flaking off, I Googled, got told it was because I had dry skin and needed to Exfoliate. I picked up this one from Superdrug because not only was it only £2.99 but it’s vegan and not tested on animals. It also smells amazing and does the trick perfectly. It does have a very oatmeal like texture (porridge if you’re British like me) and at first it does seem a bit weird rubbing it on your face, like you’ve tried to eat breakfast and missed your mouth on every spoon attempt. But once you get used to the feeling it actually starts to feel really nice and it really does work. Since using this by skin is so much softer and I no longer get any problems from flaky foundation.

Last off is a bit of a geeky bye but I couldn’t not get it. It’s a Legend of Zelda 3D case. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan so of course I had to get this. It’s a brown leather looking case which comes with a cleaning cloth with the map of Hyrule on it, a green stylus with the Hylian Shield on top and a white stylus with the Master Sword on top. It was £12.99 which I was more than happy to pay because it’s just amazing, its great quality and I love it. Plus it goes well in my collection of geeky Zelda related merch. (of which I can’t stop buying)

Anyway these are some recent random purchases of mine that I’ve brought over the last few months.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day <3


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