Into the Woods


So I live near quite a large wood area. I used to love going on long forest walks when I was young but didn’t for many years. Last week I took my friends who leave near the sea along with me, as we wanted to do something different and they’d never been into the woods before. We thought we had walked around it all, until I got home and worked out via google maps that we had actually walked round less than 1/4 of the whole thing. So on Sunday we decided to go on another adventure, this time with intentions to start at the end of the forest and make our way back to the start (where we entered the forest last week). Whilst we did this, thing’s also didn’t go quite according to plan.


First we went to Asda and brought some food and then started the trek towards the woods. It took an hour to get there and as it was boiling hot we were all tired when we got there and decided to rest. It was such a nice clear day though, which was nice as in the UK we only get about 3 weeks of summer a year, and even then it still rains.


We then found this really old building that’s been around since the 1920’s. Most of it has been destroyed by now, but it was originally small building that encompassed a well. This was apparently ‘well #5’ but the only one still standing, as the trees grew around the others and they were slowly killed by the roots. I love the idea that the wells are still out there somewhere but no ones really sure where. We sat down just outside here to eat our lunch and take some pictures:

IMG_0484 IMG_0494

IMG_0477 IMG_0485

I forgot to mention we had to jump over a small river to get to this well, luckily someone had made a little bridge out of sticks so that made it easier to get across the water but it was still hard to get up and down the bank either side without falling into the water (you can’t actually see any of the water in the picture below but it was there, I swear I’m not lying) I brought some sushi, some popcorn and a trek bar with me for lunch (typical me brings sushi to eat in a forest), my friend Tash and her friend ate pasta and my friend J ate around 4 packs of those weird mini sausages things. We also all had sticky toffee muffins, brought by Tash and I think they were one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.



After lunch we continued our walk. After about 30 minutes of walking we found a horse. There was training or a horse show or something going on in a nearby field and this horse was for some reason closed off from everyone else. We weren’t sure why he was there but we joked he was in time out from the show because he’d been bad. We named him Charlie.

IMG_0505 IMG_0508

He turned out to be very naughty as he tried to steal my friends pasta and then tried to eat my other friends hair. Still we stayed with him for a little while, gave him a stroke and took some pictures. Don’t worry, we didn’t cross the gate or give him anything to eat. We kept on traveling through the woods. We saw a lot of trees and lots of pretty nature. We found a bit of old building with  LW <3 GK 1920 carved into it. Not sure if this was a mistake or joke or what exactly was going on with the date but if it’s a real carving from 1920, I hope that couple are still going strong. Go you LW + GK. Hope you’re doing well!

IMG_0498 IMG_0502

IMG_0492 IMG_0481

IMG_0489 IMG_0490

We then left the woods and went up this giant hill to sit down and relax. It’s currently boiling hot here at the moment so we were sweating by the time we got to the top of the hill. We had a lovely view from the hill, we could see the sea on the horizon as we sat down under a tree and relaxed. Well when I say relaxed I mean we sat panting because the trek up the hill almost killed us.


We chilled out on the hill and relaxed for a while. We were boiling hot and knackered from the walk up the hill. At this point we’d been out for around 4 hours. After about an hour of relaxing me and my friend J decided we were bored and thought it would be a good idea to break off from the others (who were smoking, which I don’t like being around) and go on an adventure through the remaining part of the woods.

Which is where things went a little bit wrong…

Part 2 coming soon. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!




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