Into the woods (again)


If you haven’t read my last post ‘Into the Woods’ then you’ll know this day started out perfect. Me and my friends went on a woodland adventure and then sat on top of a hill (the highest in my county apparently). We chilled out and relaxed for about an hour before me and my friend J got bored and decided to venture into the woods (again).


We found a nearby field which was empty. So we trekked through the field, hung out and took some pictures.

IMG_0518 IMG_0525

IMG_0526 IMG_0527

There was a leafless tree in the field, which I thought looked very creepy. Although there was no fresh corn in the field their was a load of dead corn around the edge which I thought looked really cool. And no we weren’t trespassing, there was a public foot path going around the field, so we just followed that.


Then we got lost.

We exited the field and after walking through the wood for a little while we found ourselves in a small remote town. We followed this town along for what seemed like miles and neither of us recognized any of it. I had to mention we had no phones as both of ours died, so there was no way we could call someone or look on a map.  We had no water either and as this was one of the hottest days of the year it was not a good time to go without water. We decided to try to find the radio tower, as I knew the way to a shop from there and then at least we could drink. Eventually we had to sit down and rest, we were extremely both thirsty but had nothing to drink. Whilst sitting down we noticed a horse with it’s eyes covered staring at us. We weren’t sure what it wanted but as we didn’t know which direction to go in we asked this horse, he indicated right with his head and we went that way. Of course asking an animal for directions in never a good idea, but we were lost and hey what choice did we really have?

IMG_0533After following the horses direction we found ourselves on a long never-ending road that was surrounded by trees. This meant we had to play what me and my friend refer to as ‘the car game’. This meant that because there was no path on the side of the road we had to walk next to the curb and then when a car came you’d shout out ‘Car’ and dive into the trees. After exiting the road, we entered more fores  and then after exiting that we ended up in another village, this one full of big old gated houses. We hit dead ends 3 times in this village as their were so many cul de sacs. There were a lot of cars in this village, although me and my friend couldn’t work out how they actually got into the village because there were no roads leading out of it and the grass surrounding it was untouched and was so perfect it had clearly not been driven on.

IMG_0531We left the village and walked back on ourselves until we got to a crossroad we had previously reached and went in the other direction, which led again into the forest. Although once we got through that bit of forest we found the radio tower! Yay! Not long after this we found a harvester, where we sat down and had a drink. It seems like such a short of time when typed out, but really we were lost inside the forest for about 3 hours. It wasn’t fun. It took us around an hour and a half to get from the harvester to the train station and then 20 minutes to get from there to get home. It was a long journey, all in all we were out for around 8 hours and we were lost for 3 of that. It was a long journey, we were hot, dehydrated and tired and we only got through it by singing ever wood related song we could find (The Into The Woods soundtrack, out of the woods by Taylor Swift plus lots of the Lions & Tigers & Bears song from The Wizard of Oz).

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!



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