Hair Care Routine



So I have long ombre brown to blonde hair that ends just below my chest. I straighten it probably 2-3 times a week, during September-June and maybe once a week in the June-August. I have a long hair care routine, which I do every Sunday. I don’t do this routine everyday, because sometimes I just need to sit and let the natural oils do their work, but this is a general outline of what I do when I do go through my everyday hair routine.

Shampoo & Conditioner – I drift between 3 different brands for shampoo and conditioner. The 3 brands I used are Soap & Glory, Tresemme and Lee Stafford. I switch between the 3 brands as I find all 3 brands good at different types. I use either Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner or The Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo & Conditioner. I find Soap & Glory makes my hair feel very soft and clean and makes it smell amazing but the Tresemme makes my hair really shiny and silky. I’ll switch been between them both, depending on how I want my hair to be that day.
On Sundays I use the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner. It feels really nice and soft but I do find it’s a little bit heavier on the hair and so for that reason I use it only once or sometimes twice a week. Since I use pretty much nothing but Lee Stafford products in my full hair routine I also find it helps to use the matching Shampoo & Conditioner too, just to get the full Lee Stafford experience.

Mask- I’ve used a few treatments on my hair over the years, but I find I really like this one the most. It’s the Lee Stafford hair growth Mask, for hair that never grows past a certain length. It comes in a 200ml pink tub and smells amazing. The treatment is a thick pink mixture that smells like the matching shampoo & conditioner. I use an egg size amount of my hair once a week and then leave it on for around 6 minutes and then wash it off. I’m on my third tub of this and whilst I haven’t actually seen any difference in the length, it does look a lot fully and softer and my head always feel so amazing after using this. Whilst it doesn’t make hair grow it does make it soft and it does repair damaged hair, so if you’re looking for a new treatment/hair mask, I’d recommend you try this.

Heat Protection Spray – So surprise surprise, I used another Lee Stafford product. I’m not sponsored by then or told to talk about them I just really enjoy their products. I use this protection spray every time I apply heat onto my hair, whether it be with straighteners, a curling iron or a hair dryer. It works very well and I love the smell. It’s a sweet fruity smell and it really lingers on my hair and makes it smell nice. I used this most days and it really works at keeping your hair safe from heat damage, whilst making it smell really nice and stay really shiny. I’ve tried many heat protection sprays, but always go back to this one because I love it and find it just works too well to want to even try anything else.

Purple Shampoo – Another shampoo now, this is the Purple Shampoo for bleach blondes from Lee Stafford. As I said previously I have brown to blonde ombre hair and blonde hair goes yellow after a while if you don’t take care of it. I remember watching a video by Zoella, who of course was famous for her long beautiful ombre hair (before she cut it all off) and she recommended this. Of course I had to check it out because who doesn’t want Zoella 2013/14 hair. This works beautifully, it’s soft light and silky and doesn’t really feel like a shampoo. I use this once a week, usually on a Sunday. I’ll apply a normal shampoo first, lather and rinse and then I’ll apply this before I apply any conditioner or a mask. I always shampoo my hair twice anyway, so I just skip the second round of normal shampoo and replace it with this instead. It is of course, a dark purple colour, which does look a bit freaky when putting it on, but don’t worry – it doesn’t make your hair go purple. I find this lathers really well and the silky soft texture of the formula applies to my hair, making it feel so soft and nice whilst stopping the blonde in my hair from going purple, which is the whole point of the product in the first place.

Treatment – I don’t always use this product on my hair, it’s probably once every two weeks I use this. It’s the Lee Stafford hair growth leave in treatment. The only reason is because whilst it does smell nice and it doesn’t psychically seem to change my hair very much and because of this I often forget it or I can’t be bothered to apply it. When I do apply this I will squirt 5-6 pumps onto the ends of my hair (after washing but before drying) and then I dry my hair. It has the nice floral smell of all Lee Stafford products and whilst it does seem to make my hair softer I haven’t seem very much difference in terms of hair growth. Which is why I sometimes skip this step.

Golden Girls Oil – This will usually be the last step of my hair routine. I really love oils in general because I love the silky feel of them. This is the Golden Girls Oil, again by Lee Stafford. It works like the purple shampoo in that it keeps away the yellow hair and keeps the blonde looking natural and brassy. You can apply this to wet or dry hair, I prefer to apply it to dry hair, after straightening. I pump a small amount in my hand, rub it into my fingers and then slowly drag it through my hair. I find not only does it make my hair look really silky and shiny (but not greasy) but it also gets rid of fizz and stray hairs, meaning if you’ve naturally got Hermione Granger hair like, then this stuff is a life saver!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)




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