Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker with Argan Oil

Products 10This stuff really is a miracle worker. I have really frizzy and really curly natural hair. Think Hermione Grangers natural hair in the Harry Potter books. If you haven’t read the books (in which case you really should) then think of how her hair is in The Half-Blood Prince after she struggles with making the potion. Very big and very frizzy. I’ve been using this stuff every time I wash my hair and it’s amazing. It’s a very soft silky oil that I usually run through the ends of my hair with my fingers after showering. I then blow dry it and my hair has pretty much no frizzy in it. After straightening and putting some hairspray on the frizz is 100% gone. It also makes your hair feel and smell really really nice. If you’re cursed with frizzy Hermione hair then I would defiantly recommend this product.

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Rating: 10/10

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