Taking an indefinite break from blogging

Hi all, due to other commitments in my educational, personal and work life I’ve been unable to keep up with regular posting the last few months. I thought I would have more time once Christmas was out of the way but my life has actually got more busy lately and I don’t really have time to blog at all. As such instead of feeling guilty every time I go a week without posting I thought I’d just take a break. An indefinite break. I can’t tell you when I’m going to be back or if I’ll be back. I’ve been debating starting fresh over on blogger, where there aren’t as many restrictions on free members as their are on wordpress. Over there I can customize my own blog code without paying, which you can’t currently do here. If I do decide to move I’ll link my new blog here, but for now I won’t be blogging at all and I’m not sure when I’ll be back or if I’ll be back.

Thanks for reading!


3 Favourites – #3

Albums Collage

MUSIC // No sound without Silence | Avril Lavigne | Battle Born

So I’ve been wanting to a post like this for a long time. It’s something I’ve seen around more popular blogs were people share their favourite things. Now I’ve always thought no one would be interested in reading what I love but then I recently I came to the conclusion that this is my blog and I’ll post what I want. I do like posting reviews but sometimes I do want to do something different and who doesn’t love writing about their favourite things? So let’s discuss some of those things. Starting with music:

No sound without Silence by The Script – I’ve been a fan of The Script for a long time and I love pretty much everything they release. There most recent album, No Sound Without Silence is one my favourites. I find it really hard to describe music so bare with my here. I find they have some really fast paced songs like Paint the Town Green. Superheroes, The Energy Never Dies and Hail, Rain or Sunshine which are just really upbeat and happy, great to listen to when walking or even just dancing around your room. The album also has some really romantic songs, It’s not right for you, Man on a Wire and  Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You’. And then it also has some slightly sad songs, like Without Those Songs,  No Good in Goodbye, Flares, Army of Angels, and Howl at the moon. It’s Not Right For You is one of my favourite songs in the album, I find it very motivating as the lyrics talk about doing what makes you happy and what’s right for you, “She said, “Is this the life you’ve been dreaming of Spending half the day away from the things you love? It’s not too late to do something new.” “She said, “It’s hard enough trying to live your life. But not following your dreams made you dead inside. If you don’t love what you do.” I just love listening to this when I’m not motivated to anything, and it reminds me to work towards my dreams and work hard to get what I want. My other favourites from this album are Superheroes and Paint the Town Green which are just really upbeat and happy songs that I love to dance too alone in my bedroom and Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You’ because it’s such a romantic song and I love listening to it when I need to write a romantic scene. I’m not really once for romance, mostly because hey I’m single but I adore this song. Overall this album, like every album The Script bring out is just amazing, filled with beautiful songs that send you on a journey. Please check this out, I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.

Avril Lavigne self titled – Now I know a lot of people don’t like Avril Lavigne anymore since her music style changed, but I still love and adore her. She’s one of the only singers that I own every album of and one of the only two sings I’ve seen in concert. This is her newest album and it has a nice range of songs which I think play on her old style a lot. I’d say the whole album is pretty upbeat and happy. Some of my favourite upbeat songs are Rock N Roll, here’s to never growing up, 17, Bitchin’ Summer, Sippin’ On Sunshine, Hello Kitty and Bad Girl. Bad Girl which has Marilyn Manson in it is one of my top songs from the album, as I love rock music and this reminds me of a soft of loud rock style. I also love hush hush which is a sad song on the album, but as I’ve said before I love sad songs as not only do I love all the emotions they bring out but they also help greatly with writing sad songs. Especially this song which seems to be a about a breakup. There are some songs that I don’t really like that much on the album, such as Let Go and Falling Fast. But that’s just because they’re not really my style and also I’m not a big fan of Chad Kroeger. But I just ignore those two songs and listen to the rest of this amazing album.

Battle Born by The Killers – This album isn’t as new as the others and isn’t even the most recent Killers Album out there, but it is one of my favourites. I love The Killers and I think, like with Avril Lavigne I own every single one of their albums. I love how upbeat The Killers songs are, and Mr Brightside has always been and will always be one of my favourite songs of all time. I think my favourite song from this album hands down is Miss Atomic Bomb. This song and the video are just perfect, it brings out such a range of emotions in me, it’s great for writing and car journeys or just walking around. I find I can really hear the emotion of Brandon Flowers in this song, and I adore how it’s basically a sequel to Mr Brightside, which as I said is one of my favourite songs. I also really love Runaways, which is honestly my drunk jam at this point as well Battle Born, A Matter of Time, The Rising Tide, From here on out, Deadline and Commitments and Flesh and Bone. There are some romantic songs on the album like The Way It Was and heart of a girl. Then there’s also some sad songs like Be Still, which I think I’ve actually cried at a few times and here with me. All the songs are amazing and honestly there’s not on I don’t like. I love all The Killer’s albums but this is probably my favourite, with hot fuss being a close second.




BOOKS // The Great Gatsby | The Carrie Diaries | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Now I know you’ve probably heard of this book, it’s not new or suddenly popular by any means. I read this two or three years ago I think and I really loved it. I never knew anything about the book before I read it, as we’d never read or talked about this in school. I heard about the movie coming out and I really wanted to read the book, as most of the time I’m a book-before-movie type of person. I really love this book, I find it’s different to anything I’ve read and it’s just such an enchanting story, even though it’s actually just a normal story about a guy trying to be reunited with this girl, I really love it (I’m so great as describing things aren’t I?) I find it has so many different meanings and interruptions depending on which way you look at it. I love hearing what people think about it, as everyone has a different view of what the characters represent and how the relationships play out. I’ve since seen the movie version of this and although it’s different to the book I love that just as much and it’s definitely one of my favourite movies.

The Carrie Diaries by Candice Bushnell – Now if you know me or if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know how much I love The Carrie Diaries. I’m not going to talk too much about my obsession with this book because I did that in both the book review and the sequel book review, but I really really love this book. It’s nothing that groundbreaking in terms of literature but I think it’s just a really amazing coming of age story. As someone who loves Gossip Girl and shows like that this is like a more… adult version of that. More adult because there’s a lot of sex language in this. The best thing about this is although it’s a prequel to Sex and The City, you don’t have to be a fan of the show to understand this. Overall this book is just really good and if you’re a young girl – or boy! (books have no gender), then I would really commend you checking this book out. It deals with lots of drama about first love, first heartbreak, friendships, divorce, death, coming out, exams, school drama, all the stuff they you may have experienced at some point in your youth.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Now you’ve probably 100% heard of this. I think everyone in he world has heard of Harry Potter, whether that be the movies or the books. My favourite Harry Potter book and film is Order of the Phoenix. Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen/read all the hp books but I just really like how this one in particular is about the students fighting back without their teachers involved much. I find the villain, Umbridge really amazing. Amazing in the fact she nearly made me throw my book across the room. I usually am on the villains side as most villains are bad because something bad happened to them or someone they loved died [Loki, Regina, Klaus etc], but the fact Umbridge is just a horrible person for no reason and I hate her is amazing. You’re supposed to hate villains so coming up against a villain I actually hate was a new experience and I loved it. The ending of this book is so sad to me, and I cry almost every time I read/watch that scene (you know which one). But I like scenes that make me emotional as I feel really involved with the world, so really the sad scene is a bonus for me. But yes this book is amazing and one of my all time favourite books.


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BEAUTY // Barry M [similar] | Coconut Lip Butter | Barry M Showgirl Mascara

Barry M Bronzer –  Now I love this product but unfortunately they don’t actually sell it anymore. I’ve linked a similar ish one above as I can’t find a link to the one I’m talking about anywhere. Anyway I got this product 3 or 4 years ago in a Barry M Makeup Box. In school, when I didn’t know anything about makeup, I used to wear this as eye shadow. Yeah I did not look good. But now I actually know what this is and how to use it properly I can confirm it’s a much better eyeshadow than it bronzer. It’s a very light brown colour with slight shimmer. I used this for both all over bronzer and contour. I feel not only does it make me look slightly more than but it also gives my face an all over glow, which I love. This is also really great if you have pale skin, as it doesn’t wash you out too much or make you look like you’ve got dirt on your face. I’m so sad they no longer sell this. I’ve already hit pan so this doesn’t have long left, but I’m going to try out the one I linked above and hopefully it’s just as good as this one. I’ve also been reading old blog posts from when this bronzer was still around and people have said it’s a dupe for Nars Laguna bronzer, which I may also give a shot.

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter – Ever smell a product and actually considered eating it? I get that every time I used this product. This is such a creamy moisturizing lip product. I have the coconut one but I really want to get the mango one as I’ve been really loving mangos lately. As the name suggests, this product has the texture of butter, but don’t worry, it doesn’t smell or taste like it. I really love using this product in winter as I feel like it really helps to protect my lips against the cold weather.

Barry M Showgirl Mascara – And the last beauty product that I just love is the Showgirl Mascara by Barry M. Now I know a lot of people actually dislike this mascara and it generally gets bad reviews. I love this mascara. It has such pretty silver and black star pattern on it with the words showgirl written in giant, old Hollywood style font. This mascara isn’t the darkest but it does make my lashes look long. I find it doesn’t give dramatic eye lashes, which is why most people don’t like it, but it does give a very natural long look, which I love for when I don’t feel like wearing dramatic lashes.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

3 Favourites – #2



I felt like doing a favourite post of things I’ve been really loving lately, but I wanted to change it up, so instead of writing a list of all the different things I’ve been loving I’ve just picked 3 from each category that I’m going to talk about.

Sanctuary Scrub – First for skincare I have two scrubs. The first is an orange body scrub by sanctuary. This is a very soft and silky scrub, so soft it doesn’t feel like a scrub, but it does work at getting rid of dead skin and leaves the skin feeling very soft. It smells great too, exactly like oranges and lemons.

Soap & Glory Scrub – The second Scrub is the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory. Now really guys this is the best smelling scrub ever. If you’re into sweet scents which I am, you’ll love this. It’s an Oat, Shea Butter and Sugar scrub and it kind of has the texture of super thick porridge, and it feels a bit weird to apply at first but once rubbing it in it feels soft and creamy and really buffs away the dead skin. This also has almonds, bananas and honey in it, all things I love and it all mixes together to produce a sweet toffee like smell. It really reminds me of the Yog Nog bath bomb by Lush and honestly thing the two products would go really well together.

Lush Massage Bar – The third skincare favourite is the Each Peach (And Two’s A Pair) Massage Bar by Lush. I get really bad back and arm pain, back pain from bending over a lot, or if I go shopping I tend to get really bad pain from that. I also tend to get arm pain whenever I lay or rest on my right arm, even if only for a few minutes. Massaging the muscles usually helps, so I picked up this massage bar in hopes it would help. And I can tell you with 100% certainty it does. If you don’t how a massage bar works, they’re basic the solid version of massage oils. When you rub it over the skin it melts which then sinks into the skin, warms up and relaxes the muscles and stops them from hurting. This one to me smells like Lemons, and apparently it’s enriched with: lime, sweet wild orange, mandarin and grapefruit, so it’s a nice cocktail of fruits that work beautifully together to give a nice sweet fruit scented bar. It really does work too, I apply it every time my arm hurt (which is most days) and not only does my arm feel better but it smells amazing too.

Collage 1

ENTERTAINMENT // Dirty Dancing | Once Upon a Time | American Horror Story

Dirty Dancing – I used to be obsessed with this movie when I was little (along with Grease) and I recently rewatched it and then rewatched it again right after. I don’t have to go into too much detail about what’s it about, unless you live in a cave you’ve probably heard of Dirty Dancing. But yeah I recently rewatched it and I’ve been really really enjoying it.

Once Upon a Time – Now this show has been around for a while so you may or may not have already heard of it. It’s Once Upon a Time which is a show all about fairytales and fantasy characters in a modern setting whilst still keeping the fairytale aspect. The characters tend to bounce between the human world and the enchanted forest. I’ve been watching this since season 1 but as of late I’ve been really obsessed with it. My favourite character’s are probably Regina and hook but in general I like everyone which doesn’t really happen with many TV shows. The recent plot I’ve really been enjoying and now it’s finished this season I’m kind of just counting down the days till the next season because I am literally dying without my OUAT fix.

American Horror Story – A TV show that’s not quite as happy now, American Horror Story is, as you guessed it, a horror TV show. It’s quite popular, you’ve probably heard it, it’s made by the same man who made Glee which is a little weird if I’m honest. I don’t like much horror, and by horror I mean jump scares and gore. I prefer the sort of psychological horror (I love The Woman in Black 1 & 2 and Crimson Peak). This just does horror so well and doesn’t rely on jump scare to be entertaining which I love. The plot and characters change every season and the current season if hotel, which has just been so good so far. I’ve been loving all the different characters and the storylines and cast have been amazing as always. Like I said before, I’m not really big on horror but I really enjoyed this.

Done 1


Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette – First n my favourites for cosmetics is the Beyond Flawless Palette by Revolution. This a huge palette that comes with 27 shimmery shades and 5 matte. This palette mostly has neturals colours, lots of beige, cream and brown shades with some grey shades thrown in. I’ve been using this a lot lately and I’ve just found there are so many different looks and styles I can make with this. It has so many beautiful colours that blend perfectly together. The staying power isn’t that great on its own, but over a primer it’s amazing and leaves my eye lids looking bright, pigmented and perfect.

Tanya Burr Eyebrow Palette – My second favourite in cosmetics is the Tanya Burr eyebrow palette I never really did anything to my brows until recently when I picked up this. It’s your standard eyebrow palette with 3 matte brown shades and one white shimmery highlighter but I love it. I’ve been mostly using the second darkest shade, chestnut for my brows and then I’ve been using the highlighter fairy cake just under the brow as a highlighter. I find this product gives a very nice natural eyebrow look and I just adore it. I don’t think I’ll be using another brow product for quite a while.

Barry M Dazzle Dusts – I’ve had these for a good few years now but I only just recently started using them again. They’re just small dusty little pots of glitter. I have 6, one blue, pink, purple, bronze, gold and white unfortunately none of the colours have names and I can’t find their names on the site. I’ve been using these lately by just applying a little on top of my eye shadow using my finger. I generally use and the gold and bronze colour ones the most and apply them over my base eye shadow. I sometimes apply the gold glitter over some of the Maybeline 34 hour Colour Tattoo in On and On The Bronze and blend it together with my brush and it gives a nice subtle bronzey-gold look. Other times I also add the tiniest bit of bronze glitter over the top of some of the colours from my naked palette to add a little bit of shimmer to my look. Whatever I decide to do these are just so nice and shimmery and helpful and I adore them.



Tesco Free From Cheese Spread – My first favourite is the Tesco Free From Cheese Spread. It’s basically just cheese spread that not made from milk. I love cheese spread on toast and cheese spread sandwiches but dairy makes me feel sick if I have too much of it at a time so I love this as an alternative. I’ve been eating this a lot and whilst the texture is a lot different to normal cheese spread it tastes just as good and I really love it.

Homemade Banana Milkshake – My second favourite food item is a drink. It’s homemade banana milkshake, which is made by just putting a banana, soya milk and ice in a blender and blending until smooth. It’s such a simple recipe but I’ve been drinking one of these every morning before working out and before breakfast and I just feel like it’s the perfect drink to start the day with. I’m not much of a smoothie person but I live for milkshakes. Like I said before I tend to avoid dairy at the best of times so these are not only easy to make but a great replacement if you can’t or don’t drink dairy but still want the delicious taste of a banana milkshake.

Linda McCartney ‘Pulled Pork’ Burgers – Last of I’ve really been loving these ‘Pulled Pork’ burgers by Linda McCartney. Obviously I don’t eat meat so these are fake. From what I remember of pulled pork though these are extremely close. I really really love these. These in a bun with a bit of mayo and some sweet potato chips is she just heaven. It taste so good. I would literally eat these everyday if I could because they’re just so juicy, sticky and yummy. If you’re a vegetarian you should try these asap because they are so so good.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

3 Favourites – #1



So recently I’ve been reading a lot of casual blogs. By casual blogs I mean blogs that really don’t have a specific topic, which I suppose mine doesn’t either because I talk about a lot of different unrelated topics on here. But I kind of mean those blogs where people just talk about their daily life and goings on and all the jazz. ANYWAY, one of the things I’ve read a lot on these blogs is posts talking about recent purchases or recent finds. I really like the idea of this because it’s different to a haul post and also I can feature just a few things that I’ve purchased over many months rather than a bunch of things I purchased in one go.

So one of the things I recently purchased was these three notebooks from Wilko. Wilko is a small convenience store in the UK. I normally go in there with my friends to get snacks but they have an amazing stationery range, including a pastel range. I restrained myself from buying the whole range and picked up 3 notebooks instead. One is a nice plain blue, one has a sort of white, pink, green, blue and yellow striped patterned and the other is a nice light purple covered in little diamonds. They were a pound each and they’re so cute. I find I never really manage to fill up spiral notebooks and because these are rather small I’ll probably fill them up quicker and then I won’t feel bad about wasting my money on even more notebooks. I’m using one for blog related stuff, one for uni stuff and one for writing stories/book related stuff in.

The second item I recently purchased is the Vitamin E Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator. I picked this up because I had problems with my foundation flaking off, I Googled, got told it was because I had dry skin and needed to Exfoliate. I picked up this one from Superdrug because not only was it only £2.99 but it’s vegan and not tested on animals. It also smells amazing and does the trick perfectly. It does have a very oatmeal like texture (porridge if you’re British like me) and at first it does seem a bit weird rubbing it on your face, like you’ve tried to eat breakfast and missed your mouth on every spoon attempt. But once you get used to the feeling it actually starts to feel really nice and it really does work. Since using this by skin is so much softer and I no longer get any problems from flaky foundation.

Last off is a bit of a geeky bye but I couldn’t not get it. It’s a Legend of Zelda 3D case. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan so of course I had to get this. It’s a brown leather looking case which comes with a cleaning cloth with the map of Hyrule on it, a green stylus with the Hylian Shield on top and a white stylus with the Master Sword on top. It was £12.99 which I was more than happy to pay because it’s just amazing, its great quality and I love it. Plus it goes well in my collection of geeky Zelda related merch. (of which I can’t stop buying)

Anyway these are some recent random purchases of mine that I’ve brought over the last few months.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Favourites 2016


So just a little general monthly favourites post here. These are things I’ve been loving throughout December, January and February and just for a while in general. I’m trying out in a new general post style, I’m trying to include more pictures and write more detail into what I post. I’m trying to take better photos for my blog and I know I’m not the best at all but I’m hey practice makes perfect right? Anyway on with the favourites.


Body Products

Body Shop Frosted Plum Lip Balm – So for the first beauty product on my list is the Body Shop Frosted Plum Lip Balm. I got this in a gift set from a relative for Christmas. I’ve recently been using it everyday and it’s really made my lips very soft and moisturized. It also tastes amazing and the small tin makes it convenient to carry around with me.

Raspberry & Rose Creme Tarte Shower Creme – I absolutely love this softening shower creme by Cafe de Bain. It smells so amazing and is a product that actually smells good enough to eat. It comes in a really large bottle and you get a lot of uses out of it and it makes you skin feel and smell so good during and after use, so I’d definitely recommend it.

Coconut Oil – So another beauty product I’ve been loving lately is Coconut Oil. This is just a small tub from Superdrug’s own brand. I’ve been using this on my arms, legs and armpits after I shower and shave my arms and it feels amazing. It’s so silky and soothing and because it’s an oil it feels a lot lighter than a moisturizer. If you know me you’ll also know I love anything coconut so of course I love the smell. Apparently you can also use this on hair although I have yet to try it yet, I probably will soon though.

Lee Staford hair mask – So something I recently invested in (and by recently I mean like end of November) is the Lee Staford hair growth treatment, for hair that never grows past a certain length. I’ve been wanting to grow my hair for a while so I’ve been using this and I have seen such a change in my hair. I use this once a week and it makes my hair feel so amazing, literally like I’ve just been to a salon. I’ve not a drastic change in my hair length, it has grown a little but not much, but honestly at this point I’m using this for the amazing feeling it gives my hair. I’ve almost gone through a full tub and I’m definitely going to re purchase this again soon.



Life with a sprinkle of glitter – So first on my list for ‘entertainment’ is life with a sprinkle of glitter by Louise Pentland. I adore Louise and she is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. Unlike a lot of people I’m quite picky when it comes to Youtuber books and only really get the ones that interest me (so far I have this, All I know now, Dream house, The Amazing Book is not on fire and Girl Online). Anyway I’ve had this book for a while now and every now and then I go and read different chapters and I’ve found it’s just a fun little girly book. It’s got lots of tips about general life and stuff but it’s the advice about beauty and decorating I like the most. Plus the book has got beautiful pages and it’s just a pretty interesting book in general.

The Good Girls –  The second thing on my entertainment list is The Good Girls by Sara Shepard. I’m not sure when this post is going up but I read this at the beginning of March and really enjoyed it. It’s the second and last book in the perfectionists series. Although I didn’t like the ending I really enjoyed reading it and it was so gripping and a real amazing page turner. I’ve finished it now and I have a review coming up sometime soon-ish. So stick around if you want to read the full post of that.

The Death Order – This is something I read at the end of January. I really really enjoyed it and I thought it ended the maze runner series beautifully. I loved it, and unlike a lot of trilogies it didn’t let me down with a terrible ending (looking at you Divergent and Hunger Games) and I really liked it all the way through. I’ve got a full review of this going up at some point so you all can look forward to that.

Crimson Peak – Another thing I’ve been loving is the movie Crimson Peak, directed by Guillermo del Toro, starring Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain. I’m not a fan of horror movies at all and purely watched this because I adore Tom Hiddleston and because a friend recommend it. It was really really good and I really enjoyed it. It’s more of a Gothic horror than a scary movie, and I rarely enjoy horror movies but this one wasn’t full of graphic torture scenes or pointless jump scares and it was actually really entertaining. Jessica Chastain’s acting was amazing. I hated her character but considering she seems sweet at pie in real life and she was a crazy lady in the movie I think she did a great job. Of course Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska did amazing too but I practically love every movie he’s in. I mean he is Loki.

Anna Karenina – Another movie I’ve really been enjoying is Anna Karenina. It stars Keira Knightley who is one of my all time favourite actors. It’s also directed by Joe Wright who is one of my all favourite directors. Anyway this is a really great movie, if you like period movies you’ll love this. I watched it for the first time last year but I got it on DVD recently and I’ve just adored watching it. The costumes, set, directing, acting, soundtrack and everything about it is really beautiful, enchanting and inspiring. I use it a lot to take inspiration for when I’m writing.

Teen Wolf – So next on my favourite entertainment list was MTV’s Teen Wolf. I’ve been watching this show since Season 3 started (I marathoned season 1 and 2 in like 3 days). I stopped watching it after season 5 started because I got really behind and distracted with work however I recently started watching it again and I am addicted. I caught up in a few days and now I’ve had to go back waiting for a new episode every week like some medieval peasant. It’s one of those shows where I love the whole cast and characters. I especially love the relationship between Stiles and Lydia and I’m really hoping they get together at some point because I adore them. Anyway it’s a really good show, go watch it.



Barry M Lipsticks – So I’ve been really into lipsticks lately, particularly Barry M lipsticks. I find it really hard to find a lipstick that actually sticks to my lips because normal lipsticks just don’t stick. I began using Barry M lipsticks lately and I adore them. I’ve currently got two, one named Coral in nice, you guessed it, coral colour and another which is called Genie. It’s a light green liptick that when applied to the lips/skin comes out a dark pink. Both are really pretty and both look really nice on.

Naked 3 Palette – Next on my list is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I recently brought this as a birthday gift for myself, as I usually don’t spend this much money on makeup. Anyway I’ve really been loving this palette, it’s full of pink, gold and neutral shades. I tend to do a rose gold sort of smokey eye look and this palette gives me great long lasting pigmented colours that help me do that. It comes in a really pretty rose gold tin with a sample of primer potion (Which is also amazing by the way) and is just in general an amazing product.

24 hour colour tattoos – Next up is the Maybeline 24 hour colour tattoos. They’re cream eyeshadows and I have one in a light shimmery pink shade called Pink Gold and another in shimmery bronze colour called On and On Bronze. Both look really pretty on the eyelids and can either be a great base or just worn alone. I can’t say they last 24 hours as I don’t think I’ve ever worn makeup that long but it does have a really long staying power.

Revolution Blush Palette – Another product I have really been liking is the Golden Sugar Blush Palette by revolution. It comes with 2 highlighters, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers. I’ve mostly been using the highlighters and I love them both. I think this palette was around £6.00’s and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it as I’ve been applying the highlighter from this set I think almost everyday.

Max Factor Lipstick – Another lipstick I’ve been enjoying is a Max Factor lipstick in the shade Angel, which is a nice light pink shade. It’s slightly lighter than the Barry M Coral one and so I’ve been switching between the two shades depending on which one I feel like that day. It comes in such a pretty gold tube too which I adore.

Collection Blush – Last up for beauty is the Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block. It’s a beautiful (would you imagine it) block 5 different shimmery blushes that all blend together to create this lovely dewy pink colour. I’ve never really been into blush that much I’ve found myself in love with this one and I adore putting it on.


Other Stuff

Perfumes – I have been particularly enjoying two perfumes this month, the Ghost Sweetheart Perfume and the Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift. I’ve talked about the Ghost Sweetheart Perfume before and I still love the sweet floral scent. Wonderstruck also has a really amazing scent. It’s hard to describe but it’s sort of smells fruity to me and reminds of raspberries and vanilla. I’ve been wearing this a lot lately and whenever I wear it I get tons of people asking what I’m wearing and if they can borrow some. So I’m clearly not the only person who adores this perfume.

Mango Shimmer hand Gel – Next might be a bit strange too some but it’s the Cuticura Mango Shimmer hand Gel. I picked this up because it comes in a 100ml bottle which whilst pretty big for a hand gel is still a perfect hand bag size. I carry this everywhere with me and use many times throughout the day. Like the bottle says it smells it has a very sweet mango sent that spreads over your hands and just smells great. A bit of an odd suggestion to my favourites but hey ho there you go.

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Homeware Haul

23So a few months ago I went on a little shopping trip with my mum and I picked up some homey bits for my bedroom, as I’ve been really into decorating lately and I really wanted to change-up my plain bedroom a bit. I felt like I was posting too many hauls from my big shopping trip so whilst this post is probably going up in January this is from a shopping trip I went on in September, so it was a while ago but I have all the pictures so I might as well post them.

6Okay so one of the first things I picked up was this small rectangle throw pillow from Primark. I’m trying to think of how to describe the pattern on this pillow but I’m finding it a little hard. It’s a white pillow with a sort of grey and light pink oriental pattern. It curves around the pillow and has detailed images of flowers and birds. On one side it says Love and on the other are 3 pink butterflies.

1The next item I got way this faux fur oversized throw. It says on the label that it is a luxury throw and I 100% that it is. As I’m sitting right now snuggled up with it aound me I can for sure say it’s defiantly my favourite item I brought. It’s huge, for sure. I have a single bed and it’s probably around 3 times bigger than that. It’s a very soft light pink colour and it feels so soft and gentle. I checked of course to make sure it wasn’t real fur as I’d never buy fur, nor should you so I’m happy I got such a nice soft fur without having to skin an animal to get it. Bonus is this was originally at £50 but I got it for £20.

2The next thing I was this large cushion. I loved this cushion almost instantly because of the amazing pattern. It has a sort of miss mas of different maps on it. It reminded me greatly of back in the past when their would be sea monsters and ghost ships drawn in the corners of maps. If you know me you’ll know I love anything and everything to do with pirates and this just instantly reminded me off them. Plus it came with this really nice quote on it ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’ which I just love. I’m such a sucker for quotes like this so of course it just made me love it more.

4If you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with candles, so of course I brought some. I got this from Primark for £1 pound each. The first is a light pink small candle in a jar. It has arrow patterns around the edge and is apparently a wild rose centered candle. Too me it doesn’t smell like wild rose, it kind of smells like sweets. I’m not bothered by this though because it honestly still does smell amazing and for such a pretty jar and such a cheap price I am not complaining. The second candle I got which was also from Primark is a tall white candle in a glass. The glass it’s in is so pretty. It has little patterns of purple, pink and grey on the side. There’s little birds, butterflies, bird  cages, hearts and roses. It’s so pretty. The candle itself is supposed t me Frangipani and rose petal. I have no idea what Frangipani smells like but to me this candle smells like rose soap. I know that’s an odd way to describe something but it really does smell like rose scented soap. Weird.

5I picked up three different sets of fairy lights, because I’m an adult who can make her own decisions. ha. No but really look how pretty they are. I brought 3 sets of lights. All are battery-powered. One is just a simply set of 20 Led Lights which have pretty little butterflies on them, another has small white light up roses on it and the other has small white wicker hearts. I’ve had them on and around my room since I got them and I just adore how beautiful they make everything. Defiantly a great buy. I think the hearts and the rose lights were £3.00 each and that butterfly lights were £2.00.

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lllklkSo I recently did a big shopping trip with my best friend Elouise as I needed to get some stuff for when I go to uni and was also running low on some other things. I went to a lot of shops, most of which I didn’t actually buy anything thing from. I did however buy stuff from Primark, New Look, Boots, Select and The Works. So without further ado here’s my haul.

Single 1

The first shop I went to was Select and I actually only got one thing from there, it’s this Pale Pink Tote bag. In this picture and all the other I took the colour came out white for some reason although in reality it’s actually a light pale pink. It’s a very large bag with two handles and two zips down the front. There’ a large pocket in front and the inside of the bag has another small zipped up pocket in it. I got this for £14.99 and it was originally priced at £15.99 as I got it in the sale. And I know it’s a bit silly for them to reduce something by one pound and call it a sale, even if it is technically still a sale. Still I love it and I would’ve brought it either way. I couldn’t find this exact bag on the website but I did find the same bag in black which you can find here.

Ribbet collage 6

The second shop I went to was Primark and one of the first things I picked up was this little contact lenses case holder. If you don’t already know, which you probably don’t see I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it on here, I have to swear glasses or contact lenses to see. Whenever I’m staying over someones house I always remember to grab my glasses case but forget about my contacts case and usually don’t remember till the last second as it’s so small and doesn’t stick out. This is simply a small black and white polka dot case, lined inside with pink with a little mirror. It comes with a black and pink contact case. This is perfect for someone who’s really clumsy and forgetful and it’s just generally a handy thing to keep your contacts in so you don’t loose them, or so if they leak they don’t leak all over your bag.

Ribbet collage 4Primark sell lots of little candles and I never really stop and smell them because they’re usually near the checkout and I’m getting rushed through the line too quickly to really stop and smell them. Luckily I managed to actually check them out this time and of course being obsessed with anything and everything coconut I picked up this little Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Scented Candle. Both the scent are very strong in this candle and it’s weird being able to smell both at once without one overpowering the other. This candle is supposed to last for 12 hours which I’m not sure is true because candles never really last as long as they say but we shall see. This was also a good deal as it only cost me a pound.

Ribbet collage 5Now Primark isn’t really known for it’s food items, but they sometimes have snack items and so I picked up these two. The first is Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Coconut Chips and the second is 100% Pure Coconut Water. Now I’ve had the plain Coconut Chips before and they’re so good, but I’ve never had the dark chocolate covered ones although I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate so I’m sure I’m going to love them just as much as the normal ones. It’s Vegan and Gluten free and coconut chips are just so so good that I just know that I’m going to love them. As for coconut water I’ve only had it once and I absolutely hated it however I know how good coconut water is for you so I’ve been shopping around trying to find a good brand that I actually like the taste of, and thought I would try this one. Hopefully I do actually enjoy this one and the dark chocolate chips because these cost only a pound each and that little amount of money for good food is something I could defiantly get used to.

Single 2The next thing I got was a small compact mirror. I needed a new one because the old one I was using unfortunately snapped in the middle. This is really small and convenient for carrying around in your pocket or purse or bag and features a pretty little red white and blue design of little things associated with London on it, like teacups, red buses, umbrellas and crowns. I’m not that obsessed with London because I’ve been there a lot but it is a beautiful city and I just found the design to be really pretty. Plus it was only £1 so it’s a good deal.

Ribbet collage 1I got another bag, this time from Primark. It’s really similar to the first one I got from Select. The material on this one is a little thicker and harder than the first bag and this has small gold beads on the bottom to help it stand up by itself. As you can see black and white with a large pocket on the front that opens via a gold coloured push button. The inside of is very big and it comes with a long adjustable black strap that you can clip on to either end of the bag if you want to turn it into a shoulder bag which is always handy. It also costs 12 pounds which I thought was quite good because it feels like quite good quality, but then again it may not last very long without breaking. Well only time will tell. Like the first bag mentioned these bags are for uni as I need quite a lot of room to hold things like my books and my lunch and all the other bits and bobs I carry around with me everyday. I know I don’t really need two but hey I like to mix and match my outfits, including accessories.

Ribbet collage

I also got a new pillow from the homeware section of Primark. I love Primarks home section because everything their is just so pretty and cute and none of it is really that expensive. I picked up this cat pillow. It’s super adorable, it’s grey with a teal green and light pink triangle pattern on it. One side has a black cat in the center and the other a white cat. I just though this was a really really adorable cute pillow and as I needed a new one and it was so cheap (5 pounds) I had to get it. It also has a matching bed spread that I’m defiantly going to go back and get at some point.

Ribbet collage 2The last thing I got from Primark is this small cat makeup bag. It’s a pale pink colour which again is showing up white in the picture. It has two cat ears sticking out of the top and has a cat picture on the front. I just think this is so so cute and adorable. I needed a new makeup bag and pencil case for college, as my makeup bag I use at home is really big as is my pencil case so having both in my bag would just be an inconvenience not to mention I really don’t need all my makeup and pencils on me at all times. So this one, which i quite spacious I’m going to use to store my pens and my makeup and other stuff like hand cream and sanitary products. It also has a little but deep zipped up pocket inside for just that bit of extra storage. This cost £3.00.

Ribbet collage 7The next shop I went to was Boots, where I got this Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray. Now Boots Extracts do a range of smells, usually they have Coconut, Strawberry, Mango, Coco and Orange. I wanted the Coconut version of this but they didn’t have it so I choose this one instead which is equally as nice. It smells like really really sweet strawberries and it’s a really strong amazing smell that lasts a long time. It’s also made of fair trade ingredients which is always good. The bottle is really pretty too, nice and bright an a good size, big enough to contain a lot of liquid but small enough to fit in a bag without taking up a lot of room. This bottle is 150ml and it cost me £3.50. It’s a little more than I usually spend on body sprays but I think this time it was defiantly worth it.

Ribbet collage 3I only got one other thing from Boots and it’s the Boots Extracts Tropical Coconut Body Scrub. I rtan out of my old scrub and I’ve been meaning to buy a new one for ages so I picked up this one because of course as you know I love anything and anything that tastes like and smells like Coconuts. The liquid inside is a really creamy beige coloured mixture with small dark brown beads in it. Unlike most scrubs the mixture of this one is a lot more creamy than they usually are, as I often find most scrubs are quite thick and hard where this one is quite liquidy, almost like a really thick yogurt or cake mixture. Still it is really soft and smells divine. Again all ingredients are fair trade and it cost £6.50 which is quite a lot. But it comes in a 400ml tub so you get quite a lot for the price which in my opinion makes it worth it.

Ribbet collageI went to a shop called The Works, which is a quite small but cheap book and stationery shop. As someone who loves both books and stationery It’s defiantly become one of my favourite shops. I needed new stationery for university so I headed there where I picked up these two notepads. The one on the far right is just a plain simple hot pink ring binder notepad. It has a drawing of a glass slipper on the front followed by the quote ‘Cinderella… proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.’ It’s nothing that special but for college it’ll do and it was 8 pounds reduced to 2 pounds which is a good price. The other pad which can be seen in the first 3 pictures above is my favourite of the two. It’s a small sticky notes Memo Folder. It’s super cute as it has a mint green and white polka dot design all over. It comes with 7 decorated sticky note pads, a list pad and a pen. The pen is blue which sucks because I hate writing with blue. The notes themselves however are super adorable, some have lines on them, some are polka dots and most of them have little cute pink flowers on them.  This cost me 3 pounds. It’s just so cute and I think I know I’m defiantly going to be using this a lot.

Ribbet collage 3The last shop I went to was New Look. I picked up these two skirts in there. They’re almost identical, both extremely soft skater skirts. One is a dark blue with daisy’s on it and the other a dark yellow with daisy’s on it. They’re both so so pretty and I love floral designs so I love these a lot. I got these both in the sale, each was originally priced at £12.99 reduced to £6.00, so I got both for £6.00, which in my opinion was a really good deal. I know these are more summer skirts but I think I can probably try and find a way to style them in autumn. Or at least try.

Ribbet collage 1The last thing I got was this really beautiful pink and white butterfly print dress from New Look. It’s really gorgeous and the fabric is so soft. It’s a little bit too big for me but luckily has a belt that ties up round the back to hold in the waste so it’s not too big that I can’t wear it. This was I think originally £25.99 but because it was in the sale I got it for 10 pounds, which I thought was a really good deal for such a nice dress. It has a zip up the back and even though it’s more of a summer dress I’ll probably wear this all year round because it’s just too pretty not too.

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