Taking an indefinite break from blogging

Hi all, due to other commitments in my educational, personal and work life I’ve been unable to keep up with regular posting the last few months. I thought I would have more time once Christmas was out of the way but my life has actually got more busy lately and I don’t really have time to blog at all. As such instead of feeling guilty every time I go a week without posting I thought I’d just take a break. An indefinite break. I can’t tell you when I’m going to be back or if I’ll be back. I’ve been debating starting fresh over on blogger, where there aren’t as many restrictions on free members as their are on wordpress. Over there I can customize my own blog code without paying, which you can’t currently do here. If I do decide to move I’ll link my new blog here, but for now I won’t be blogging at all and I’m not sure when I’ll be back or if I’ll be back.

Thanks for reading!


It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to

ad87c11ca427ebbf445245e39267d475-jpgI haven’t posted on my blog in almost 2 months, so if this has appeared in your blogger feed and you’re wondering who the hell Lolarainx is I’m not surprised.

I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years now and have been actively posting on it for 2 years. This is my 5th blog I’ve had and the only one I’ve not giving up on after a few weeks. And I did really enjoy posting on this blog… until about 4 months ago.

I found the content I wanted to post vs the content people liked was different. Product review posts always get the most likes, comments and views by far and I usually gain around 3-5 followers (not a lot for most, but a lot if you’re a small blogger like me) after every review. Yet I hated doing reviews. I didn’t mind doing the occasional one, but I was posting reviews every single week, sometimes twice a week and I just found it so boring. Every now and then there would be a product I was really excited to write about it and I’m always excited to talk about books I’ve read but it’s not something I want to do all the time.

I love writing about makeup, books, life and fashion but the posts I want to write gain little to no attention. Which does make me feel sad when it feels like I’m just putting words out there and no one is reading them. Yet I’ve been continuing to push on and on and working hard to keep posting.

Then about 2 months ago I went back to Uni and was met with an avalanche of work. It became a choice between my uni work, writing my novel and running this blog. I could only do 2 out of the 3 and I choose to stop writing my blog. I was technically still writing, as I was planning posts for January and February of 2017 but I just wasn’t posting anything, so as a result it seemed like I had disappeared. But then even planning became a chore. I would have to first plan the post, write it, edit it, take pictures, edit the pictures, put it all together, read and review, tag and then schedule. I am not someone who’s very good with editing in general. I’m also terrible at talking photos. I’ve been trying to take flat lay pictures for my blog for a while now, but for some reason I’m just terrible at them. I do all the hints and tips other blogs and YouTubers tell me to do but it just looks awful. This put a major slump in my blogging as I didn’t want to put anything out that didn’t look good.

Blogging sometimes feels like a job, and nothing should feel like a job unless you’re being paid for it. I was stressed out after a long day at uni and after coming home and writing my novel I just wanted to sleep. Knowing I had to write on my blog just made me unhappy and as a result my posts suffered. There’s this lyric from It’s Not Right For You by The Script, “Is this the life you’ve been dreaming of, Spending half the day away from the things you love?, It’s not too late to do something new. She said, It’s hard enough trying to live your life. But not following your dreams made you dead inside. If you don’t love what you do.” I relate to this a lot. I love writing more than anything but often have to put it aside to work on uni projects and blogging.

I’m not quitting blogging. I’m just not going to post as often as I have done in the past. That may be 1 post a month about I don’t know… frogs or there may be 12 posts a month that are just reviews. And that’s okay. Because as the title says, It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

Sorry if this was maybe a bit rude or passive aggressive, I’m just speaking my mind and sometimes I find my words and expressions can come off very negative.



A blogging predicament

Before you read this you should know this is a little rant/open discussion about wordpress and my little predicament with wordpress and their services. I’m posting this because it’s been bothering me for a while, people in real life haven’t be very helpful in helping me solve my predicament and honestly I think the opinion of another blogger may help out when deciding what to do.

So let’s start of at the start of everything. I think my theme is boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love the theme, it’s cute and elegant. But I’ve had it for over a year now, and I’m just bored of it. Okay so simple solution, get a new theme right? The thing is with wordpress, you can only use their themes under a wordpress domain. And there’s no way to code these themes or add in your own one. I’ve had 3 wordpress themes and I liked those themes. But the only themes I liked. I have scrolled through all of WordPress’s free themes and I just don’t like any of them. Plus they’re not that customizable. You can the header font and background image, but that’s it. On most you can’t even set your own custom colour palette. The title of my blog is in blue writing, despite the fact it doesn’t match anything else on my blog, simply because I can’t change it.

I decided to look on another site, and found a few really cute ones. They were fully customizable, and were specfically designed for each person. These themes also cost £40 each. Now I wasn’t actually that bothered by this price. Sure, cheaper would’ve been nicer, but from the amazing designs and feedback the site was getting I felt it was worth it. Plus this £40 would buy me something that will last forever. That was a price I was willing to pay.

Because you can’t custom code themes on a wordpress domain I decided to purchase an independent URL, which costs around £19 for a year I believe. I was planning to this eventually, and as it was only £19 for a whole year I thought, why not? £59 in total and I’m good with a fancy schmancy blog and independent URL until the end of 2017. And then at the end of the year if I didn’t want to pay to keep my URL the next year, I could just go back to the free URL and keep my theme.

This is where the problems started.

Turns out you can’t use a custom domain, or use a custom theme on a free account. You have to purchase one of the 3 upgraded accounts, the cheapest of which is $2.99 (about £2.25) a month. I hate paying for things monthly, because as I’m a student, I only get a set amount of money at set times throughout the year, which means I can sometimes go up to 3 months with no money in my account. So I can’t really pay for anything monthly. It would cost me £25 a year for the free account, plus it would cost £19 for the custom domain name, meaning I would have to pay £44 per year, plus £40 for the theme would cost £84. Way more to pay for a hobby that I make no money from.

I wouldn’t really use the upgraded accounts, as a lot of stuff available doesn’t interest me. This is honestly not the first time I’ve been annoying with WordPress. The have hundreds of widgets available for free to download, yet you can’t install them with a free account. This, on top of the no coding and little to no theme customization has made me really annoyed with WordPress. Not to mention the fact they changed the theme I use randomly and gave me no option to change it back.

Pipdig, the site I was going to purchase my theme from, offers to migrate blogs over to SiteGround for free when you purchase a self hosting package from them. Their packages cost £2.75 a month, so £33 per year. But you can pay it all at once at the beginning of year, instead of monthly. So £33 vs £44 a year, obviously SiteGround is the better option.

But if I move to SiteGround I loose all my followers who follow me on WordPress. Which since I don’t have email followers turned on is, all of them. Now I’m not one of those people who gains followers really quickly. I believe followers should be earned through content, not from following people who follow back. So if I were to move my blog to SiteGround I’d be essentially starting everything again.

So I can either go for option one and pay £84 for the first year and £44 every year after that, go for option two and pay £73 for the first year and then £33 every year after that (but loose all my followers) or go for option 3 and stay with my shitty free theme and wordpress domain name.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this, I think I’m just frustrated and annoyed and maybe writing out my problems may help me figure out what I’m going to do. I may delete this.

If anyone has any advice or ideas, comment below, because I am really confused what do.

My experience with braces

Picture Credit: [x]

So I haven’t posted on my blog in a long long time, mostly because I’ve been very busy and I’ve been working on other projects. I want to finish up my other projects by the summer and then spend the summer working on my blog. I want to get a new film, improve my photography, edit and change some stuff around and overall just mix it all up.

Anyway so I thought I would make a post just generally talking about my experience with braces. Because when I was told I needed braces I searched up about it and couldn’t really find much information from anyone who had had braces themselves, only dentists and other health professionals.

So getting into things asap, I got braces just after my 15th birthday, so February 2012. I had been told in March 2013 that I needed braces but I refused due to the fact I had glasses at the time and didn’t want to be picked on for having braces and glasses. Now there is nothing wrong whatsoever with having braces and glasses. My problem with it was I had 3 boys at my school who liked to be mean about my appearance and they generally referred to me as Betty, as in the character Ugly Betty because in their eyes ‘I looked like her’. So 14 years old me at the time didn’t want straight teeth, she wanted to stop the abuse so she refused braces. Which as a result actually made my teeth a lot worse.

So now my sob story is over a year later my optician told me I was at the age and maturity level where I was allowed to wear contact lenses. So I finally booked my appointment with the dentist to get my braces. I got my contact lenses two days later, if you want a post on all my contact lenses/glasses story then leave a comment and I’ll whip something up. Anyway, back to the story when I got braces they of course at first had to measure up my teeth by sticking they horrible tray of green goo into my mouth for me to bite on. It was horrible the first time, but bearable.

Straight away my gums and lips flared up and they took a few days to go down. I wasn’t allowed to eat for an hour after getting them on and when I was allowed to eat eating was quite uncomfortable for a week. Not painful, but uncomfortable. They gave me wax I could push onto the brackets, but I never actually had to use it because my braces never rubbed on my gums or hurt that much. I was told to avoid certain foods, particularly hole foods. I was told to cut burgers, pizza and apples up before eating them. I of course, being the 15 rebellious teenagers I was, always just bit into pizza and burgers and never had any pain or problems with it. The first time I bit into an apple however was actually the last time because it hurt so much and I was in so much pain that I never did it again after that. So yeah if you have braces, don’t bite into apples. I should also mention you generally get your braces tightened every few months which does hurt a little, but depending on your pain tolerance level you might not even be that effected by it.

So I was originally told I would have braces for 1.5-2 years. I ended up having braces for 3.7 years. So quite a bit longer than I originally was told, but then again that was probably my fault for putting it of for 11 months. I got my braces off in August 2015 and a week later I got a retainer. (this is where it gets grim.) Now first off, getting the braces off is one of the most painful things that I’ve ever experienced. Basically some of my gum had grown up over and under my brace, so after having my braces removed (which was a little uncomfortable but otherwise fine) I had to have the excess gums cut off. Yes using an electric drill they drilled of the excess gum that had grown over my teeth. It hurt so bad I stopped him several times because I was in too much pain and was crying. My mouth was full of blood and my teeth were stained red, which resulted in the assistant having to clean the blood my teeth and suck it up using the little vacuum thing.

It was horrible and painful and just like I stated before, one of the most horrible experiences of my life.

I then had the lovely experience of having a fitting for my retainer. This involved the same process as before when a tray covered in green goo was shoved into my mouth. It was so horrible, the whole process only lasts 2 minutes but it feels like forever. They push it back so far that you start gagging. They told me to breath out my nose but the green goo itself smells so disgustingly bad that it hurts your nose. So really breathing either way hurts and it is really just a horrible experience. The first week I had my retainer I hated it so much. It made me gag, it hurt my teeth, I hated taking it out and putting it back in. I just really hated it. Skip forward month and I was fine with it. I still have it now, 5 months later and I’m still fine with it. It’s easy to care for and easy to wear. I’ve had no problems with it and I’ve just had a great experience with it.

So overall braces and retainers aren’t really that painful or irritating, but the getting them on and taking them off hurt a lot more – at least in my experience. Of course everyone’s experiences are different, it all depends on how bad you teeth are and on what your pain tolerance level is like. I for one am glad I now have perfectly straight teeth and can say braces are definitely worth it. If you unsure of getting braces just do it because it makes them look so nice and straight that it’s worth the 2 years of pain and not biting into apples.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you asap :)!



Taking a break from posting

So I haven’t posted for a while, and usually a write up all my posts at the beginning of the month and then schedule them to go up throughout, but I’ve been very ill lately, I’ve been ill in hospital with an ear infection, which made me temporarily loose my hearing on one side. It also made my face swell up so that chewing and swallowing food hurt a lot and the drugs I’ve been on have made me really sleepy so when I’m not in agonizing pain I’ve been asleep. So yeah that’s been fun for me.

Anyway so I’ve not had to time to post anything and honestly looking at my drafts I don’t really want too. Almost all my posts are you reviews are products which aren’t really that fun to do. When I first started posting I noticed reviews got 10x more likes than the posts where I got to write a lot and the posts I actually liked doing. And like a little publicity robot I continued writing reviews because I knew that people liked them.

But of course now I’m bored of writing reviews. I’m taking a little break from blogging. Now by a break I mean I’m going to try and post at least once a month and who knows I might post a review if I really like a product, but I won’t be posting 2 reviews every week like I normally do. I really want to start writing better posts, like shopping hauls and life updates, I want to talk about my goals and plans and what’s going on with me and maybe tutorials and recipes and just general things over than reviews. So I’m going to take sometime off and hopefully by the time I’m going to uni (September) I’ll have some pre written posts to go up whilst I’m not here <3

Thinking about going Vegan?

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about going Vegan. Now that sentence either made you really happy or made you role your eyes and click away. Whatever, it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want. (Wow that sounded bitchier than I intended, my bad.) Anyway I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers lately, some Vegan, some Vegetarian. These youtubers have mostly consisted of Mamire Hart, Kalel Cullen and Niomi Smart.

Now I LOVE animals so much. Most of the time I love them more than people. Actually no that’s a lie I’ve pretty much always loved animals more than people. Anyway I’ve always loved the idea of maybe going Vegan or Vegetarian but I’ve always just imagined it would be eating bowls of salad everyday. I like salad but that doesn’t sound too exciting. Anyway Niomi has a blog and although she’s technically not a full Vegan (she uses eggs in some of her recipes) her recipes are so great and healthy and apart from the egg here and their they’re almost always Vegan. I’ve been dying to try some and I really like the looking of these Easter Treats, Chocolate Pancakes with Hot Blueberry and Healthy Chocolate Milkshake.

I love cooking and so I really do want to try learning to cook new meals, and since it would be nice to be healthy and loose weight I think learning some Vegan Recipes and eventually becoming Vegan would be a good thing for me. I already know I like almond milk so I’m not so worried about not drinking actual milk anymore (milk and white bread generally make me feel very ill anyway). Although if I go Vegan I’m probably going to miss Oreos, Eggs and Whipped Cream the most. I’ve been doing a lot of research and found some great websites with lots of nice vegan recipes that I can’t wait to try. This one is really good and even has a list of Vegan Starbucks Drinks which is handy, although I don’t really go to Starbucks anymore since I don’t have any money. Like ever. There’s also a Youtuber named FullyRawKristina who is a bit strange to watch because of her filming style and the fact she’s always smiling (in a sort of creepy Stepford Wives kind of way) but some of her recipes look quite tasty.

The only problem for me with going Vegan is that I live with my parents, who pretty much control what I eat. They also refuse to put me on a proper diet, as their idea of dieting is to stop eating ‘chocolate’ all the time, despite the fact I never eat chocolate as I usually feel sick after. Maybe I’ll go Vegan when I eventually move out, which hopefully should be within the next few years.

Anyway this was a random personal post I guess. If anyone knows any good vegan tips/groups/websites/recipes/blogs please comment them bellow or email them to me at Lolarainxx@Hotmail.com, I’d love to read some more :)