Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


LINKS// Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | Chantilly | £23.00 | o.22oz

So I a couple of months ago I treated myself to a few Nars items. I picked up the Sheer Glow foundation, the Velvet Shadow Stick and the Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I will be reviewing today. I picked this up the lightest shade, Chantilly, which is basically a creamy white colour. I’m very fair skinned so as always I have to go for the lightest shade, which is normally still to dark for me, this being no exception. It really bugs me how the beauty mark is aimed towards tanned skinned, we need more for very pale and dark skinned girls and guys. We like makeup too.

Like the foundation, this concealer has a very light weight texture. It applies very easily, like a moisturizer and feels like you’re wearing nothing on your skin, whilst giving a good amount of coverage. It gives more coverage than the foundations and I find this really well under the eyes, as it gives a nice natural glow. It blends so easily and effortlessly, whether that be with a brush or a sponge. You can apply this over or under foundation, it works both ways, but I prefer putting it on after as it gives a really nice brightening under eye glow, which is also really nice on the tops of my cheekbones and along my nose bridge. As well as brightening I find it helps erase all signs of fatigue and hides skin blemishes and imperfections. The only problem I have with this is that I don’t find it works very well on spots, as it doesn’t cover them or help blend out the redness, even with a colour correct under it. I’ll use this for under my eyes or under my brown bone but for spots instead I go for my Collection Lasting Perfecting Concealer which in my opinion is the best Concealer in the world.

I’d give this Concealer a 7.4/10. Good for under eye and brown bone, not so good for spots and a little pricey for a concealer in my opinion.

The packaging is just the standard modern Nars packaging. A small tube with a black lid and the Nars logo on the side. Simple but Modern and decorative. It comes in a black cardboard box, which is good storage in the case the tube smashes, you’ll be able to save some of your makeup from being covered in concealer. This retails at £22.50 for 0.22 Oz. 6ml on the Nars website and pretty much every website. You can get it from Feelunique, house of Fraser, LookforFantastic and Asos.

If you’ve tried this concealer, let me know what you thought of it below, also let me know if there are any good drugstore dupes of this, because I’d love to try some.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.




Nars Velvet Shadow Stick Review


LINKS // Nars Velvet Shadow Stick | Goddess | £21.00 | 0.05oz

I’ve wanted to try eye shadow sticks for a while now. Mostly because I wanted something small I could take with me in my bag when I go out in case I need touch ups, as carrying around a huge palette is not ideal. I’d heard a lot about these Nars Vvelt Shadow Sticks across various blogs and youtube videos and decided I would try them out. I treated myself to some Nars makeup is a small personal reward for doing well in my first year at Uni. Along with the Sheer Glow Foundation and Creamy Concealer I picked up the Nars Velvet Shadow Stick in the shade Goddess which is a shimmery pink champagne shade.

If you don’t know what eyeshadow sticks are, they are just a cream eye shadow in stick form. This one is a nice size, about the length of a pencil. It’s in a plain black tube with a kind of nude peachy tone on the end. It’s not the shade of the shadow but I guess it’s a sort of similar version. I think these very easy to use. I generally just swipe them across my eyelid and blend them out, sometimes adding another colour into the crease or sometimes just leaving it. I will say if you’re in a rush, this is your best friend, because you just draw it on, blend and your done.

The shadow lasts pretty much the whole day, without a problem. There are two downsides to the product, first of it tends to crease when put over eye shadow primer. I’m not sure why, I’ve tested this theory both with high end primers, like the Urban Decay Primer Potion and drugstore primers and I’ve just found whenever I’ve used a primer with it, it has creased like crazy. I skip primer whenever using this now, because it just works so much better without it. The second downside is that I find it can be a bit chalky if you layer it to much and because of this I tend to only do one quick sweep over a clean base to avoid chalkiness and creasing.

This eye shadow has amazing staying power. I swatched some on my hand, rubbed it with my finger and a wet cloth and it didn’t budge at all. In fact it looked no different. And that’s really the sort of staying power you want if you’re too lazy to touch your makeup up during the day like me. Although it does mean when removing your makeup you can’t just use a makeup wipe, you have to get all in with your cleanser and toner to get this baby off your eyelids.

This retails at £21.00 for 0.05 Oz on the Nars website, although other websites do sell it cheaper. John Lewis and Look Fantastic sell it for £20 and Feel Unique, which is where I got it from, sells it for £16.80, at a 20% discount. I would say that is worth the price. A lot of high end shadow sticks range in the £30-40 range so £20 I think is pretty good, especially for something of this quality. I’m definitely repurchase this, and actually looking at the others colours Nars offers, I really want to try Hollywoodland, Oaxaca and Aigle Noir, which are all shimmery colours. They also have a matte version of the stick, which I really want to try in Dark Angel, which is a beautiful dark chocolate brown.

If you’ve tried this product, let me know. I’d love to know if you liked it or hated it and if it did the annoying creasing over primer thing with you too. Maybe my issue is I’m not using the Nars Primer. I don’t know, if I ever buy it I’ll use them together and post an update. But apart from the annoying creasing and the chalkiness issue this is a solid 7/10 for me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Girl Online Book Review


[Spoilers below for Girl Online by Zoe Sugg]

I brought this book a good few years ago before all the ghost writer drama came out because I liked the idea of the novel. I was a little bit skeptical about reading it after finding out it was ghost written but since I already brought it and didn’t want to waste money I thought I’d read it anyway.

The story is about a small timid red haired girl named Penny. Penny posts about her life anonymously on her blog, Girl Online. She blogs about her friends, family, crushes, school and her panic attacks which began after Penny’s family were in a car accident. I found Penny to be an okay character. She wasn’t a character I particularly hated or loved throughout the novel, although saying that I liked her a lot more towards the end when she got her own back on the people who were horrible to her. All throughout the story I was waiting for her to say or do something to her ex-best friend Megan as she was making Penny’s life a living hell and Penny wasn’t fighting back. Right at the end of the novel Penny finally gets her own back by throwing a milkshake in Megan’s face. Now I know this sounds terribly mean, but after how Megan treated Penny throughout the entire story I was so glad she did this instead of doing ‘be the bigger person’ trope that a lot of novels tend to go with. Sometimes bitches need to learn their lesson and Megan definitely did. I was grinning when Penny got her revenge.

It took me a really long time to get into the story. I didn’t really get into it until they went to New York, which was about 20% of the way into the book. I just found the beginning and the world building dragged on for a long time and I also found it wasn’t that great in terms of writing? I just found the style and tone of writing to remind me of that of a young teenager. If that’s what the author (whether that be Zoe Sugg or Siobhan Curham) was going for then that’s it’s a very artistic move. It did put me off at the beginning and I did actually consider giving up a few times, eyeing the charity bag when Penny spent way too long describing Brighton.

The book got a lot better when Penny’s love interest Noah was introduced. I’m not really into romance novels, I prefer fantasy/adventure with a romantic sub plot so at first I was very meh about this part of the novel. I really wanted to read about Penny’s blog, being a sorta anonymous blogger myself I want to read about it from another bloggers point of view and when I found out this was actually only a small part of the story I was put off. The more I read however the more I came to like Noah and Penny and by the end of the novel I was in love with them as a couple. When they briefly split I was egging them to get back together and I ended up speed reading the rest of the book just so they could have their happily ever after.

Overall I’d give this book a 6.5/10. I liked the story but it took a long time for me to get into it and I found the writing style to be very strange. I feel like I’d probably enjoy this book if I was younger, more towards it’s demographic of 8 – 13 year olds. (I’m 19 but feel like I would’ve given this a 10/10 if I had read it when I was 12).  Then again, I enjoyed it and I’m a lot older than the target audience so it really depends on what type of novels you like.

I’m aware there’s a sequel to this that I probably will be reading, although not for a while as I have a few other book series I’m trying to make my way through.If you’ve read girl online, feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you thought of it. I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review


LINKS // Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Everyone and their pet goldfish and their postman raves about this foundation. It’s The Sheer Glow foundation by Nars. It’s been featured on millions of blogs and youtube videos and almost everyone loves it. Including me.

A few months ago I treated myself to some Nars stuff as a reward for doing well in my first year of uni. I picked up this, a Creamy Concealer and a Velvet Shadow Stick (reviews going up soon). I try and research the hell out of high end products before I purchase them. I don’t have £40 to just throw away on anything, so if I’m buying something high end I’ve got to make sure I really really want it and intend to use it.

Drugstore foundations, at least out of the one’s I have tried, just don’t work very well on my skin. I have combination skin and find some of my skin can be dry some days and oily others. I find foundations go flaky on my skin not long after applying. I’d tried many different ways to prevent this, from changing brushes, trying makeup sponges and beauty blenders, to exfoliating daily, to changing my skincare routine. But nothing worked. So I had to step up my game and try out a high end foundation.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this foundation online. Some say it’s great for dry skin, other say it clings to dry patches and is only good for oily skin. As someone with both, I decided to give it a shot. This a silicone based natural finish foundation. It’s Dermatological tested, fragrance free and feels very light weight. Unlike a lot of foundations I’ve tried, this feels more like a moisturizer than a foundation. It goes on so smoothly and effortlessly, blending nicely, whether that be with a sponge or a brush, with or without primer. I got this is in the shade Siberia, which, as you can imagine by the name, is the lightest shade, because I’m a white ass Caspar the ghost bitch. I have to say it’s one of the only foundations that’s been anywhere close to my skin tone. 80% of the time with foundations the lightest shade is still way to dark, but I find with this it matches my skin perfectly. It gives good coverage, whilst giving me a nice natural glow, but without giving the appearance of accidental blackface. It’s definitely a foundation you have to build up, and gives I’d say a nice medium amount of coverage, so if you’re someone who doesn’t have terrible skin, but needs a little help giving herself a glowy complexion (and not that of a corpse), I’d recommend this, because it works great hiding that never-goes-outside skin.

The bottle is a small acrylic bottle with the Nars logo up the side and a black lid. It’s Nar, all it’s packaging is standard, plane but modern and stylish. It also came in the standard black cardboard box that all Nars products come in. I usually keep it inside the box, so in the case the bottle accidentally breaks I may be able to save my other makeup from being covered in foundation. My only problem with this damn bottle is that it doesn’t have a pump. The amount of times I’ve accidentally poured to much on my hand is stupid really. This retails at £31.00 for 1  Fl. Oz. 30ml on the Nars website, but on Feel Unique, which is where I got it from I brought it retails for £29.50. So only £1.50 less than every other website, but hey I got a free gift, free delivery and that £1.50 can go towards a dib dab and a bottle of pink lemonade lucozade (my favs).

Overall I really like this foundation. I know people say to avoid this if you’ve got any sort of dry skin, but I really like it. It’s goes on so easily, gives a nice finish and feels really nice on the skin. My only quarrel is the fact the bottle doesn’t have a pump, which means having to pour it out. But really that’s something I can live with, and hey if it bothers me that much I can always buy the £3.00 pump they sell on the website.

But apart from that this product is great, it’s a solid 9/10 for me and it’s just amazing. If you’ve tried this product, let me know what you thought of it below, especially if you’ve got combination skin, as I’d love to know how it worked on you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Moisture Cream


I’ve been using the moisture cream for a while now. I really love the Vitamin E products by The Body Shop in general and after talking to the lovely lady in the shop about my skin type and what I need a product she recommended this.

Now this has now changed packaging, but the picture shown above is the one I currently have. It’s a small 50ml pink tub with a black lid. With everything in The Body Shop it’s simple packaging, not that interesting but again simple and convenient. It’s so tiny so it doesn’t take a lot of room up in your back and also it’s also under the 100ml limit for flying which means if you’re traveling you can take it with you in your carry on. The product itself is a very light pink cream that smells quite sweet. It has a very watery texture and sometimes I do find it a little bit runny, but it’s not so bad as this does mean a little goes a long way.  Now this is for combination skin, which I have. My skin is very oily under my eyes and on the very very top of my forehead right by my waterline, but the skin on and around my nose and on my lower forehead is very dry. Because of this I have to moisturizer a lot. I find this cream helps a lot because it really helps to keep the dry skin from staying too dry. It has a very light weight formula that absorbs easily to give you a healthy looking complexion.

This is amazing, it’s so creamy and soft, it keeps your skin from going dry but it keep it staying soft. The only downsides are I think £12.00 is a little bit too much money for a tiny 50ml tub, the fact the mixture is very runny so if you accidentally knock over the tub, you will loose a lot of product and also the fact this takes a long time to dry, so if you’re putting this on before primer and makeup you have to do it at least 10 minutes before. Apart from those things, which really don’t even matter as it’s just me being a picky ass bitch, I’d really recommend this cream, especially if you’ve got dry skin.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

The Body Shop Seaweed Night Treatment Review



I picked up this Night Treatment a few months ago as I’d decided to throw away my old night serum because I didn’t like it. It was too tight on my skin and made it feel dry and just rough and gross. This was the first night serum I’d ever used however so I was kinda worried serums were supposed to make your skin dry and tight, in which case I knew they definitely weren’t for me.

I adore The Body Shop, all their products are amazing and I always head straight to them when it comes to skin care. So when I tossed my old serum into the trash I replaced it with the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment. It comes in a small 30ml bottle with bright blue labels whereas the serum itself is a murky white colour but comes out clear. Now the bottle obviously isn’t the prettiest thing, but you should never buy a product just because of the pretty packaging. (Although I’ll admit I have, hello candles). I’ve tried the toner in the TBS Seaweed range before I love it and use it almost daily so I thought its sister product had to be good.

The serum itself is very light weight and silky. It almost feels like an oil, but thicker but not quite as thick as a moisturizer. I apply this most nights after applying cleanser and toner. I apply it with my fingers and generally do 4-5 pumps at a time, one for each cheek, one for my nose/eyes area, one for my forehead and one for around my chin/neck area. Now that may seem like a lot to you but the pumps give out very little serum each time, so I do quite a lot of pumps in an attempt to completely cover my face.

This serum feels so nice and smooth on my face. It isn’t dry or tight and makes my feel soft and loved. It does, a while after use make my skin feel a little sticky, but of course that goes away once moisturizer is applied. I’ve always had quite clear skin so I can’t say I’ve witnessed a psychical difference in whether it helps with acne or not. It has made my skin feel softer and smoother however and I always notice a difference when I don’t use this vs when I used it in the morning.

I always want to just note I’ve been using this for over a year now and the bottle isn’t even half empty. And I use 5 pumps of this at a time, at least 4 nights a week. And for £13.00 that’s not a bad price in my opinion.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Review


PSA // Spoilers below for Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children

So I’ve had this book since November 2015 I believe, along with around 7 other books. Together they were all shoved on my book shelf and mentally added to my never ending ‘to read list’. I was going to take this one to LA with me as my in flight entertainment, but as I found out the movie would be released before that, I had no choice but to read it first so I could escape all the spoilers which I’m sure non book/movie will love to shout about.

I went into this book almost completely blind. I had read the blurb of course and I was aware Tim Burton was making a movie based on this novel but apart from that I knew nothing. I was really intrigued but the appearance of his book, because the cover as well as around 50 pages inside contain creepy looking pictures. What I found even more interesting as that they’re all real pictures from the past, not artists sketches, models or special effects. If you know me you know I love anything creepy or scary and I love ghosts, so that is was attracted to me to this story almost straight away.

I was expecting this to be horror or at least scary. It’s more of a mystery, drama/fantasy novel, which although it wasn’t what I expected I really didn’t mind at all. The story centers around Jacob, a teenage boy who is thrown into a world of mystery and monsters when his grandfather mysteriously dies. Jacob ends up going to try and find out what happened to his grandfather during the war and ends up finding a portal that sends him back in time to when his grandfather left the mysterious children’s home he always talked about. Jacob meets and befriends the peculiar children his grandfather was once friends with and later in the book he learns he may be the only one who can save them.

I really really enjoyed this book. Fantasy/Drama is generally the genre I read most. I usually know a lot about books before I go into reading them, so I think going into this blind really made it more interesting. I did like Jacob and found him to be an entertaining main character, which doesn’t actually happen often. The side characters I found a little confusing, because their was so many of them and I kept getting them mixed up. I didn’t really have a favourite character, I did like Emma but she annoyed at times. I am partial however to Olive and Fiona, because I thought their powers were really cool.

I thought the book was a major page turner in the begging, became really good in the middle but then slowed down at the end. I struggled to get through the last few pages or the ‘battle’ scene if you will, although I often get bored with battle scenes when reading so I’ll assume that’s just me. I have since watched the trailer for the film version, starring Eva Green and Tim Burton, both whom I love. I’ll admit it does look a lot different to the book and the fact they’ve switched Oliver and Emma’s powers is a bit annoying and may mess up the plot a bit. But I’ll still be seeing the movie regardless because hey it’s Tim Burton.

So overall I really enjoyed this book and I’d definitely recommend it if you like fantasy/mystery books. I’m aware this book has two sequels and I have purchased the first already and I intend to read and review it in the coming months. Although I have two other books to read before that so it’ll be awhile.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Summer and The City Book Review


PSA // Spoilers below for The Carrie Diaries & Summer and the City

So if you know me you’ll know that I love The Carrie Diaries. I binged watch the TV show a year and a half ago and I think I watched two seasons in two days. I was addicted. So addicted I remember changing all my social media icons to pictures of AnnaSophia Robb and changing all my bios to KyddShaw quotes. Yeah I went major ‘omg the feels!’ fangirl mode.

I knew the series was cancelled before I’d even started it, I still wanted to watch it but I didn’t expect just how in love with the show I would become. So when it got cancelled I searched for other material. I ordered both The Carrie Diaries and Summer and the City, and stuck with reading fanfiction till they arrived to get my TCD fix. I already reviewed The Carrie Diaries a year or so ago, so I won’t be going back into that now but you can check that review out here, if you wish.

Now enough rambling, onto the actual review. The beginning felt a little dry and I wasn’t in to it very much, mostly because I was still very much in love with the world and characters from The Carrie Diaries and apart from Carrie herself  everything was different. She was in a different setting and non of the other characters from the first book were featured in and never mentioned except once or twice. I got that they needed Carrie’s life to transfer over from what we see in The Carrie Diaries to what we see in Sex and the City but I thought it was bit rushed.

However a few chapters in some old characters started to show up and things changed and got a bit better.

I have to say I’ve never seen Sex and the City (I watched both movies with my mum when I was young but I don’t remember them very well) or read the book so I can’t comment on Carrie’s character in those stories but in this story I relate to Carrie’s character a lot.
There’s just to so much about her that I can relate to. For one Carrie’s friends changing after leaving school and becoming obsessed with sex was one thing, being the last one of your friends to fall in love is another and just Carrie’s general view towards the world. her love for vintage fashion and writing is something I can relate to a lot, as well as her general grown up nature which is mistaken as ‘stuck up’ by others in the story. I also hope to one day get out my home town, I’m not sure where exactly I want to go but I know I don’t want to stay here, and Carrie spends a lot of time talking about how she loves New York and she talks about how returning to her home town made her feel like a failure. And I have to say, in a way I kind of get that feeling sometimes too, maybe not as intensely but I understand it.

There’s one short scene in particularly where Maggie is telling Carrie she’ll be staying at Ryan’s apartment:

C – “What about his fiancée?”
M – “he said he thinks she’s cheating.”
C – “So that makes it okay?”
M – “Jesus, Carrie. What’s your problem? You’re so uptight.”

It just struck me as a conversation I’ve had several times with ‘old friends’ who believe it’s okay to cheat and date multiple people at once, or have sex with any and all their guys friends. Now I really don’t have much of a problem with people having sex with whoever they went (as long as there is mutual consent of course) and I am the first to say I am 100% against slut shamming women, but when you’re in a friendship group where almost everyone has slept with everyone (apart from me of course) things tend to get awkward. That and I’ve also been looked down and even made fun of by ‘friends’ because I don’t have the same… let’s say ‘sex tendency’s’ as them.
As I was saying earlier I didn’t like how many characters were gone from the first story. Most of the characters from TCD, with the exception of Maggie and Walt were only ever mentioned, I’d say 3 or 4 times throughout the book, and only ever in a throwaway thought. Maggie, Walt, Donna LaDona, Carrie’s sisters and her Dad were the only characters from the first book to make an actual appearance in the book, with Maggie and Carrie’s Dad being the only characters to feature in more than one chapter. I was really disappointed in this as I was looking forward to seeing Maggie (before she turned into a bitch), Walt and Mouse again, and I was even slightly disappointed Sebastian and Lali weren’t in it, as even though they were awful to Carrie in the first book, I really wanted Carrie to get some revenge or at least rub her happiness in the faces. But the fact most of these characters or really any of the plot from the first book weren’t mentioned at all kind of peeved me off for I’d say the first half of the book or so.

Now ignoring what the book doesn’t have. In this book we get to meet Miranda and Samantha. Samantha annoyed me slightly at times but I like the way she looks after Carrie and let’s her live with her despite the fact they barely know each other. Miranda was also an interesting character that I was surprised I actually liked a lot. I’m almost always more drawn to more Samantha like characters and was surprised to find myself liking Miranda more than her in this book, although I can’t quite put my finger on why.
I didn’t pay much attention to Carrie’s romantic relationship’s in the book. Mostly because I was still caught up with Kyddshaw but also because I really didn’t feel much chemistry with any of the male characters. I did like the fact she ended up with Capote (or not? I wasn’t quite clear on the ending), although I again didn’t feel any chemistry around them or really like them at all until they actually got together. Although I will admit I did like the scene where he helped her out of the broken lift earlier in the book.
There isn’t really a main plot. There no quest or goal the characters are trying to reach for, it’s simply reading about Carrie’s life and everything she’s doing. But I like it. It feels like you’re just reading a mix between a gossip magazine about a celebrity and the diary of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. I think if you’re a teen reaching out about to enter her ‘adult’ (groan) years, this is a great read.

In conclusion this book has its ups and downs, overall I did like the book, everything in it was great, but there were things missing (characters from TCD) that made the first half kind of meh for me. But overall it was a good book, not as good as the first one (which remains to be one of my favourite novels ever) but still amazing and definitely worth a read.

It may not be in my top 10 books but it’s definitely in my top 50.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Superdrug Vitamin E Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator

Scrub 1

LINK // Vitamin E Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator | Superdrug | £2.99

So I recently learned I needed to Exfoliate weekly. I’d never really been sure what exfoliating was until someone told me scrubbing your face with a gentle scrub should work. Exfoliators remove dead skin and leave your face feeling fresh and clean. I picked up this one from Superdrug for £2.99. The bottle says it’s an oatmeal exfoliator (porridge exfoliator if you’re British like me) and it really does have the texture, smell and feel of oatmeal. At first I was a little bit, freaked out about rubbing an oatmeal like mixture on my face, as I thought it would kinda feel like you’d just missed your mouth a hundred times whilst eating breakfast. And whilst yes it does feel like you’re rubbing cold porridge on your face it really helps to polish away old skin and make my face feel really sort and clean. It also smells really good and according to the bottle it’s Vegan and has the special bunny icon that tells us there’s no animal testing involved.

My only problem is the texture which really does feel like cold porridge but really that’s me being picky than an actual fault with the product. Apart from that this product is a solid 9/10!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cube Review

Eye Cube

LINK // Vitamin E Eye Cube | The Body Shop | £9.00

I’ve been using this eye cube since I think January now. It’s basically a solid eye cream but not as heavy as a normal eye cream. It comes in a handy tube that you twist you push up and it reminds me a lot of a lip balm, except obviously not as sticky. Twice a day, everyday before moisturizing I apply the eye cube around my eye area by gently smearing it under my eye, on my eye lid and around the corner of my eyes, I do this twice, sometimes 3 times if my skin is feeling particularity bad that day and then a rub it in with my fingers to make sure I get every area covered.

The cube itself does a great job making my skin feel soft but I also find it really brightens that area as well and it also tends to make me feel more awake. At first the cube idea kind of worried me as a solid version of anything I’m usually not a fan off (soaps, moisturizers, shampoos etc.) because I was worried they may get dirty from constant use. However since using this eye cube I’ve had no trouble with it getting dirty and apart from the odd eyelash stuck on the end it stays pretty clean.

This is also not scented so it’s great if you’ve got sensitive skin around you eye area as there’s no fear that you may just damage it more. I also want to note I’ve had this January and have yet to get through half of it and I’ve been applying it almost every single day so it does last a long time, longer than most eye creams I would say. The fact it’s solid also means you can take it on a plane with you, but it’s also really small so it wouldn’t take up too much room. I think taking this on a long haul flight could be handy as applying throughout would not only stop your eyes going dry but it’d really freshen up your face and make you feel relaxed, which lets me honest is an emotion you need to feel on a plane.

Overall I’d give this a solid 10/10. It’s an amazing product that makes my skin and eyes feel great, it’s small and a convenient size for travel and overall does the job it’s supposed to without any faults, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.