I moved blog.

After 4 years I have decided to close down lolarainxx.


  1. I have not been happy with Lolarainxx for a long time. When I first started this blog I was 17 years old and had a different idea about where blogging would take me. My blog grew fast and then all at once it stopped. I found I had too many topics to talk about and having them all shoved together one on blog just didn’t feel right. My blog was a pick ‘n’ mix of beauty, fashion, skincare, books, films, games, lifestyle, travel and hauls. Posts about beauty and skincare did well, so I blogged about that a lot, even when I grew bored of the topic. Although I still like beauty and skincare, my main passions are books, writing and fashion but I never blogged about those topics because they just didn’t do well. They got barely any likes or comments and I gained barely any followers. I didn’t want to just overhaul this blog and make it all about books, writing and fashion, since people signed up for beauty and skincare, that’s what they’re here for. I have a new blog now, where I can talk about these topics as I please without worrying about disappointing people and I am much happier.
  2. WordPress advertises itself as a free service and it is free until you want to take it seriously. The free layout options are limited and customization options are even worse. I can’t change certain design aspects of my blog and I can’t add custom widgets without paying. I don’t mind paying for a custom domain or special features, but paying for html editing and widgets? That’s ridiculous. I’ve moved over to blogger now, where all these features are free. My blog is much prettier and more unique to my image.
  3. I need a fresh start. Some of my old blog posts are downright awful and rather than editing/deleting old posts and spending hours reshaping a long dead blog I’d much rather start over new. So that’s what I’m doing.

My new blogs

Yes you read that right, blogs, as in multiple. I have two new blogs, hosted over on blogger.com. I’ve been working on these blogs for about a year now and I’ve finally got them to the point that I feel comfortable sharing them with my old followers. I’m so excited about these new projects and I’m hoping you’ll like them just as much as I do.

Fantabulous Foxes – fantabulousfoxes.blogspot.com

This is my main blog and by far the one I am the most active on, excited about and proud of. Here I blog about books, writing, art and fashion. So far I’ve shared my to be read list, my harry potter pin collection and an art supplies haul. I understand since this blog doesn’t focus on beauty that many of you won’t be interested in following me over there, which is fine. However if you are interested in books, art, fashion and writing please do give it a read and maybe a cheeky follow. I would really appreciate it.



Obnoxious Owls – obnoxiousowls.blogspot.com

This is my secondary blog. This blog focuses around beauty, skincare and hair care, with a niche in pale skin and cruelty free products. I’ve only got two posts up so far, an introduction post and my winter wish list but I have tons of ideas that I’m working on. If you’re a fan of what I post here, this is probably the blog for you to follow.

What’s going to happen to Lolarainxx?

On December 31st 2018 Lolarainxx.wordpress.com will be deleted. A few posts will be downloaded and archived for personal reasons, but most of the posts and pictures will be removed. That being said if there is anything you would like to save from my blog before then, you are welcome to, as I will not be needing it (just remove my blog url from whatever you take). Along with my blog, the email account associated with this blog will also be deleted as well as all accounts associated with that email.

This is my last post ever on Lolarainxx.

I’m hoping you’ll join me over on Fantabulous Foxes or Obnoxious Owls in the future.

It has been a fun ride.

I wish you all the best.

Lola Rain xx


Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden White Lily and Damask Rose Gift Set

Sanctuary Creams

So a while ago I got this white Lily and Damask Rose Gift Set. I got it in the sales quite a long time ago, it cost I think 8 pounds, reduced from around £15 I believe. It came with a big tub of luxury bubble bath too, which would’ve been 10 pounds on it’s own, so it was a really good deal. I may or may not be reviewing that in a separate post, since it isn’t part of this set I’ve decided to keep them seperate. Anyway this set consist of 3 products, a body lotion, a body wash and a body scrub. It comes in a beautiful tall dark pink box, decorated with flowers a soft orange bow on top. It’s big enough to fit all 3 products in so it’s quite a big box and a really pretty storage box for after you’ve used up all the products inside.

Onto the products themselves, the first one is the white lily and damask rose body wash, which comes in a clear 250ml bottle with a white lid. The liquid is light purple colour and it lathers really really well. From smelling it I can say it really does have a lily and a dusty rose sort of smell. It’s really comforting and relaxing. I find after using this the smell lingers even after washing it off which I love. The body lotion which is also white lily and damask rose is practically the same as the body wash, as it smells like lily’s and dusty roses and the smell lasts ages. Of course the lotion itself is a creamy white and it has such a nice texture to it. Again it’s a really strong smell and lasts ages, but it also makes your skin feel amazingly soft. I sometimes use this on my legs after shaving and it works wonders!

The last product is the white lily and damask rose body scrub, which comes in a tiny 50ml tube. To be honest I was a little disappointed by the quantity of this product. The first two bottles were filled to the brim with the liquids but this one was only half filled, not sure if that was a mistake or if they only give you 25mls worth in a 50ml tube but I was a bit disappointed as it’s only enough to use a few times without running out of it. The liquid itself however has a very runny consistency with very tiny black beads in it. It’s not rough like most scrubs and is very soft and gentle on the skin.

Overall I’d give this product a 8/10. Whilst the scrub was a little disappointing, I was amazed at the quality of the other products for such a cheap product, so I think it deserves a rather high score.

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Fearne Cotton Beauty Box

Products 7Another gift set I got for my birthday was the Fearne Cotton (love her btw) Beauty Box. The actual box itself is absolutely beautiful. Its outside is completely dark blue with a gold triangle/star sort of pattern on the top and sides. The draw itself pulls out and has a sort of really beauty multicolored quartz design on it. If you click the link provided above it really does give a much better image than what I’m describing. I quite spacious inside too, and I’m now using it to hold all my body butters and face masks in. Anyway because I’m an idiot I forgot to take individual pictures of the products so I’m just going to explain the picture I took of the free main bottles.

Two of the products come in little cyan bottles with little gold line patterns across them and the other is white with the same pattern. Although all these bottles are really very small there is actually quite a lot in the bottles. The first product is a body polish, which I had thought would of been a cream or a gel, but in fact its more of a scrub. It’s a white clumpy spread with small black beads in it. It smell nice and isn’t rough on the skin so it’s quite a good product. The second product is a hand cream which has a really really nice smell. Like I said their seems to actually be a lot inside each of these bottles which I always like. When I run out of my current hand cream I’ll most defiantly be switching to this one. The third bottle is a body wash. It’s a light clear gel and the scent itself reminds me of roses. It’s quite a strong smell too and it lingers on you for a long time after.

Products 8  This one I actually remembered to take a picture off. Yay me. It’s a very small circular white tub with the same gold star pattern on top with a large glittery blue moon on it. It’s quite pretty and the tub itself is perfect storage size. The cream inside is like a dark peach colour. It’s very very thick and although it clumps together when you scoop it out it does apply softly and evenly when you rub it on your skin. It’s probably my favourite product next to the hand cream. But overall I probably like this box the most out of all the beauty boxes I got for my birthday.

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Gorgeous by Gok Wan mini indulgence set

Products 2This giftset comes with 5 products, 2 in white bottles with gold writing and lids, 2 in bronze coloured bottles with gold writing and lids and one in a hot pink with gold writing it lids. The first item is the body wash which is a white gloopy liquid. It smells slightly of flowers mixed with soap which although sounds bad by the way I’m describing it actually smells really nice. It lathers really well too which I really like. The second product is a body lotion which is a white creamy. It’s slightly lumpy it first but it rubs into the skin quite well. It smells strongly of roses, which is quite a nice smell in my opinion. The third product is a shower scrub. It’s a clear scrub with small white foamy bits and small black beads. It smells like roses, like the others and is very soft on the skin, but is quite sticky so it’s probably good to follow this up with any sort of moisturiser or body lotion.

The fourth product is a bath essence, which is apparently a bubble bath. I’ve never used any sort of bath essence before and I have to say I was maybe a little disappointed with this. I don’t know if I’m being stupid but I was kind of expecting bubbles, and although it made the bath smell really really nice it didn’t create any sort of bubbles. Which yeah was a little disappointing. Also the liquid is very runny so don’t be an idiot and hold it downwards to smell it like I did as yes it does get everywhere. The last product which is my favourite product is the hand balm with Argan Oil. Now I’m obsessed with hand creams and I’m also obsessed with Argan Oil. I’ve only actually used it on my hair and it works amazingly on that but I’ve never had it as any sort of cream or moisturizer before. The smell is quite strong and again reminds me of roses. It doesn’t feel any different to any other hand cream either, but in a way I’m kind of glad as I was strongly hoping it wasn’t going to be oily.

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Soap & Glory Gift Set

Products 5This was another one of the gift sets I got for my birthday because apparently I smell so bad that everyone has to buy me bath sets. Or the more likely answer is my birthday is right after Christmas and everyone went cheap and brought me bath products that were in the sales. Not that I can really judge because honestly I would probably do the same. Anyway these all came in this lovely pink bag that is absolutely massive on the inside. It came with 6 products (one not pictured above) all in small bottles and I’ve tried all so I know I can give an honest review.

DSCF4764  The first product is the Scrub Of Your Life body scrub. It comes in a bright pink 50ml bottle with the soap and glory symbol and bright white and gold writing on it. The scrub itself is clear with very small sprinkles of pink in it. Unlike other scrubs this one is very soft on your skin. I’ve found that most scrubs are rough when you put them on but this one feels more like a gel than an actual scrub. It’s quite a sticky substance so I use this before using The Clean On Me shower gel so it’s not the last product I use on my skin before getting out the bath. It smells mostly of just plain lovely soap, but then again it is soap and Glory, so it would do.

DSCF4763The second product is the ‘Glad hair Day Ultra Shine Daily Shampoo’. It again comes in a bright pink bottle with gold writing. This one has has a black and white vintage picture of a woman washing her hair on it. I’ve always wondered whether they use real vintage photos on these bottles or if it’s a photoshoot made to look vintage. hm. Anyway I really really love this product. I don’t use it daily and it does kind of annoy me they didn’t include a conditioner in the set so I use this alongside Tresemme Conditioner normally. Anyway the product itself smells, so so so nice. When just smelling it from the bottle it doesn’t really smell of anything but once it’s on your hair and you’ve washed it in it smells so so good. Its hard to pinpoint the exact smell but it’s got a sort of fruity orange smell too it. Also the smell last for ages after so that’s always a bonus.

DSCF4769  The third product is the Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel. It comes in a really small clear bottle with silver stars on it and pink and white writing. The mixture itself is creamy white and smells exactly like Dove soap. You only need to use a little bit at a time as it lathers really really well and creates a lot of bubbles, which of course is always fun. I use this after the scrub and they seem to work well together. The smell seems to stay long after washing too which is always a good thing.


DSCF4761The fourth product is the heel genius foot cream. Now I don’t use foot creams very often, and I really should because my feet are probably in a really bad condition. Anyway nobody wants to hear about my feet (unless you have some sort of weird foot fetish. In which case you should probably get help asap) so moving on. Now this product is a bit weird. It comes in a pink bottle with the standard gold and white writing but is a bit different in this the cream inside is blue. I was expecting a white cream but nope the mixture is a nice light cyan creamy blue. It looks pretty but I must admit I’m not a fan of the smell. I can’t really describe what it smells like other than that it smells like feet. Yep feet. And I know it’s a foot cream and all but isn’t it supposed to make your feet smell better, and not more like feet?

DSCF4775  This product isn’t actually pictured by it did come in the set. It’s The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer. It comes in a small pink tub with a vintage looking black and white photograph of a woman printed on top. It’s a small tub of thick white cream. It smells sort of like Dove soap mixed with flowers, which is really lovely even though I described it weirdly. It feels really nice on my skin, and is a great follow up to the Clean On Me Moisture Shower Gel. Out of all the products, this is my favourite one and defiantly one I’ll buy a bigger tub off at one point.

DSCF4767I mentioned this before in my February favorites I believe (don’t hold me to that it might have been January). It’s a small tube of hand cream and as I like to wear hand cream a lot it’s actually as of late been my everyday hand cream. I quite like it, it does make your hands really soft and it does smell really nice. Kind of like scented soap with a slight flowery smell to it. I take this everywhere with me and usually put it on after using hand sanitizer. It covers up the smell nicely and makes your hands feel nice and smooth.

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Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker with Argan Oil

Products 10This stuff really is a miracle worker. I have really frizzy and really curly natural hair. Think Hermione Grangers natural hair in the Harry Potter books. If you haven’t read the books (in which case you really should) then think of how her hair is in The Half-Blood Prince after she struggles with making the potion. Very big and very frizzy. I’ve been using this stuff every time I wash my hair and it’s amazing. It’s a very soft silky oil that I usually run through the ends of my hair with my fingers after showering. I then blow dry it and my hair has pretty much no frizzy in it. After straightening and putting some hairspray on the frizz is 100% gone. It also makes your hair feel and smell really really nice. If you’re cursed with frizzy Hermione hair then I would defiantly recommend this product.

Link to buy: [x]

Rating: 10/10

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Revolution Vivid Baked Hightlighter

IMG_0133So since a lot of people seemed to like my random blush review I thought I’d start reviewing my collection of makeup. Now I’m used to reviewing beauty products, such as scrubs and shower gels but not really any sort of makeup so bare with me if the first few are really bad posts. Another thing is I’m currently attending college and get very little money to spend on myself so I won’t be reviewing any brand new products and because I’m against animal testing it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be using any products that are tested on animals.

Anyway this is a Vivid Baked highlighter from Revolution, which is a brand that I just discovered and that I absolutely love. The product is in the colour ‘Pink Lights’ and actually only cost me £2, which is amazing. Its a really light pinky-purpley highlighter and I was worried it would come out that colour on my skin, but it actually comes out a sort of shiny white. It’s really nice and actually does last a real long time. Like I’ve said before if you haven’t checked this brand out yet you really should, the products are amazing and notexpensive at all so if you’re young and don’t have a lot of money you should defiantly check out this brand.

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