A beginners guide to blush


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I’m trying out a new series on my blog where I try and explain makeup to someone who knows nothing about it. I was thinking back to when I first started makeup and how great it would’ve been to have had a proper guide telling me what’s what and decided to give it a shot. I’m probably not the best person to be talking about this as I’ve never studied beauty professionally or anything but this is just what I’ve learned over the years compiled into a series of blog posts.

Today we will be discussing blush. Blush or blusher, is a rogue beauty product that is applied onto the apples of the cheek, to give a youthful glow, the appearance of a rosy complexion and to empathize the cheekbones.

Blush, known as Rogue up until quite recently, was used as early as ancient Egypt, were both men and women wore it on their lips to make them pop. Of course it was far from the soft powders and light liquid’s we use today. Back then blush was a thick taste, made from crushed fruit and vegetables, like strawberries and red beets. I for one am thankful we’ve changed the way we make blush now, because rubbing crushed strawberries on my lips and cheeks just sounds sticky.

Blush was also popular in Greece, were wearing blush was a sign of being wealthy. As a result many women wore the cosmetic, which at the time was made of seeds and berries. In Victoria England however, cosmetics were seen as a sign of low morals, and so women resorted to pinching their cheeks to get that rosy glow. Luckily, rubbing crushed berries onto our cheeks seems to be a thing of the past, but I know some people, myself included at times, still use that pinching cheeks trick.

Today blush is staple in any women’s makeup bag. Blushes are mostly commonly pink, peach or red toned, but you can buy them in pretty much every colour, and I have actually seen quite a few purple and orange blushes. If you’re like me and you’ve got fair complexion, it’s probably best to stick to the more peachy colours. Reds and hot pinks can look quite clown like on the skin and if you want to keep your face looking more natural you want to look out for the peachy and light pink colours. If you’ve got dark skin you are fortunate enough that you can pretty much work any colour, however saying that I think really dark reds, hot pinks and even purples really pop on dark skin.

Powder –
The most common type of blush you will find is powder blush. It comes in a variety of colours and almost all bands have some sort of powder blush. It’s all usually in a pressed compact form although you can find loose powder blushes if you really look for them. Powder blush is the easiest type of blush to blend, especially if you’ve got oily skin, as they help absorb some of the oil. If you’ve got dry skin, you may find powder blushes take a lot longer to blend, or they may even just sit on top of the skin instead of really being stuck onto apples of your cheeks. There are many different powder blushes out there that are matte, shimmery and dewy.

Recommended Products: Nars Orgasm – £23.00, it’s a soft rose pink shade that gives a nice dewy glow to the skin. Sleek’s Shimmer Blush in Rose Gold – £4.99 is a nice cheaper alternative that gives the same look at a quarter of the price. For shimmery blush I would recommend, Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick – £34.00 or Collection Gorgeous Glow Block – £4.19. They are both basically the same product and I prefer the collection blush most of the time. I don’t really wear matte blush that often as I find it washes me out, but when I do I find Revolution Blushes are really nice, especially the Powder Blush in Sugar – £1.

Liquid –
Liquid blush, as you have probably guessed, is blush in liquid form. It’s one of the least popular types of blush, due to the fact it’s difficult to work with. It drys very quickly, so you need to get it from the bottle to your face as quickly as you can, otherwise it may dry, leaving two large red dots on your cheeks which never looks good unless your going for that clown look. They do, however tend to last a lot longer than powder blush. Another bonus of liquid blushes is they tend to come in rather large tubes or bottles with pumps, which means you get more product and therefore more for you money. Also if you happen to drop your liquid blush on the floor it wont smash like a power blush. Liquid blush works well with all skin types, but works best on dry skin. If you’re a first time blush user though, I wouldn’t recommend liquid blush.

Recommended Products: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush – £15.50 & Bourjois Aqua Blush – £8.99

Tint/Stain –
Cheek stain or sometimes called cheek tint is a gel mixture, that when applied to the apples of the cheeks gives the appearance of blush. They are often water-based, oil-free and alcohol free, meaning they work well with all skin types. Because cheek stains temporarily stains the skin, it lasts a lot longer than most other types of blush.  It’s also a lot lighter on the skins surface too, so it works well if you’ve got oily skin. You can blend them with a brush or makeup sponge, although a sponge tends to work best, in my opinion.

Recommended Products: Benefit Posietint – £24.50, The Body Shop lip & stain cheek – £8.00 & Stila Cruch Lip & Cheek Stain £16.00

Cream –
Cream blush is a lot thicker and heavier than other types of blush. It usually comes in pot, compact or stick form. Cream blush is more moisturizing than other types of blushes, so it’s amazing on dry skin. It is a little harder to blend, and like liquid blush it dries quickly so you have to work with this fast, but unlike powder blush it does last a lot longer, as it sticks to the skin properly instead of just resting on top of it. It also gives a nice natural glow, and looks a lot nicer on fair skin than other blushes.

Recommended Products: Barry M Cream Make Me Blush – £4.49, Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush – £7.99 & Rimmel London Royal Blush Blusher – £4.49

Mousse –
Mousse Blush, sometimes called whipped blush, is not as popularly used as cream, tint, liquid or powder blushes. The mixture is whipped to increase the amount of air inside the mixture, hence it’s name. It’s got the same texture as hair mousse and is often packed into a small jar. It’s good for dry skin, but should be avoided if you have oily skin as it may just slide off and not last very long.

Recommended Products: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Blusher – £6.49.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, hints, tips or recommend products feel free to post them below! I’d love to hear your recommendations and ideas.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation

4Link: [x] | Price: £7.99

So today I’m reviewing the  Rimmel London, lasting finish 25 hour foundation. As you can see from the picture it comes in a tall hard plastic 30ml bottle a white lid and white and red writing on it. I picked up this foundation because the previous one I was using, Rimmel wake me up didn’t suit my skin tone very well. This one which is the lightest shade of nude, suits my skin almost perfectly. It goes on so easy and well and doesn’t leave streaks or make me look cakey.

I’ve had a few spots lately and this works really really well in helping cover up my blemishes and get rid of the red. I definitely prefer it to the wake me up foundation. It also works very well against pale skin, so if you’re pale like me I’d recommend you try this because it just blends so well without making you look like your face is a different colour to the rest of your body. The only downside I’ve found with this is sometimes if it mixes with my concealer it cakes a little, usually around the underside of my eyelid. Apart from that it’s a brilliant foundation.

Thanks for reading!

Barry M Showgirl Mascara

5Barry M Showgirl Mascara
Link: [x] | Price: £4.99

So I recently talked about this mascara in a haul and said I hadn’t tried it yet. Since posting that review I’ve tried this mascara several times and I think I know now it well enough to review it. Like I said in my haul post this mascara comes in a large heavy silver cylinder, covered in black stars. The mascara wand is very long and straight rather than curved. I tried this mascara for the first time the other week when I needed to go somewhere and didn’t want to wear much makeup, I applied some of this and I really loved it.

It’s such a soft light application, in that it goes on really well. I found it didn’t make my lashes look darker but a lot longer. From now on if I don’t want to look like I’m wearing too much makeup or if I’m in a rush and don’t have time I put this on, because it just looks so good and light on your eyes. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup, or someone who can’t because you’re in school or have a job that doesn’t let you wear heavy makeup, I’d defiantly recommend this. I’d never tried Barry M mascara’s before this but I’ll defiantly be trying others after this because this was just too good.

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Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder


So I picked up this powder a few weeks ago because I’d run out my previous powder and I’d heard everyone raving about how good this one was. Oddly enough my first impression of this is that it smells really nice. It’s got that sort of Johnson’s Baby Powder type of smell to it which I really like, and it’s really strong so when you apply this to your face the smell lasts ages. The powder itself is very light. It works very well on the skin and doesn’t make you look cakey. I have this in the shade ‘Peach Glow’ and although when you swab it on your finger it is a very light nude colour when you swipe it on your skin it has little to no pigmentation, which although doesn’t bother me as I apply this over my bronzer anyway, it is a bit misleading that the swatch was darker than the spread out product. I will say though that this powder lasts for a very long time and works well to protect your makeup. I usually only have to apply this once for it to last all day, sometimes twice if I’m spending a lot of time outside or if I’m sweating a lot.

Overall rating: 8/10

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Tanya Burr Lip Gloss

IMG_0129I recently picked up this Lip Gloss from the Tanya Burr Cosmetics range.  This one is in the shade ‘Picnic in the park’ and it’s sort of a dark pink. I find it comes out a lot darker on my lips than it is in the bottle , so I usually take a separate brush (since the applicator it comes with is kind of a weird shape) and brush it across my lips to make it spread out more, and by then it’s not as bright or clumpy and gives a nice light finish. It taste like strawberries and cream and I have to fight not to lick this off my lips because it tastes so good. So really apart from the fact it’s too dark for my skin tone it’s a really nice lip gloss and I definitely want to try some more colours in the range.

Rating: 9/10

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Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer

IMG_0134It’s really hard for me to find bronzers that work since I have really really pale skin so bronzers usually make my skin look really orange. I hate that and I really wish I had more tanned skin. This bronzer is one of the only ones I’ve found that actually works with my skin tone. It comes out a very rich coffee brown but once brushed over properly it blends well with your skin tone to make it look just a little darker without making it to obvious you’re wearing it. Also I should mention this is from Revoultion brand and only cost £3 pounds which is just amazing for such a good product.

Rating: 9/10

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Revolution Vivid Baked Hightlighter

IMG_0133So since a lot of people seemed to like my random blush review I thought I’d start reviewing my collection of makeup. Now I’m used to reviewing beauty products, such as scrubs and shower gels but not really any sort of makeup so bare with me if the first few are really bad posts. Another thing is I’m currently attending college and get very little money to spend on myself so I won’t be reviewing any brand new products and because I’m against animal testing it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be using any products that are tested on animals.

Anyway this is a Vivid Baked highlighter from Revolution, which is a brand that I just discovered and that I absolutely love. The product is in the colour ‘Pink Lights’ and actually only cost me £2, which is amazing. Its a really light pinky-purpley highlighter and I was worried it would come out that colour on my skin, but it actually comes out a sort of shiny white. It’s really nice and actually does last a real long time. Like I’ve said before if you haven’t checked this brand out yet you really should, the products are amazing and notexpensive at all so if you’re young and don’t have a lot of money you should defiantly check out this brand.

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