Makeup Monday: Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder


So I picked up this powder a few weeks ago because I’d run out my previous powder and I’d heard everyone raving about how good this one was. Oddly enough my first impression of this is that it smells really nice. It’s got that sort of Johnson’s Baby Powder type of smell to it which I really like, and it’s really strong so when you apply this to your face the smell lasts ages. The powder itself is very light. It works very well on the skin and doesn’t make you look cakey. I have this in the shade ‘Peach Glow’ and although when you swab it on your finger it is a very light nude colour when you swipe it on your skin it has little to no pigmentation, which although doesn’t bother me as I apply this over my bronzer anyway, it is a bit misleading that the swatch was darker than the spread out product. I will say though that this powder lasts for a very long time and works well to protect your makeup. I usually only have to apply this once for it to last all day, sometimes twice if I’m spending a lot of time outside or if I’m sweating a lot.

Overall rating: 8/10

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Makeup Monday: Essence All About Matt Fixing Loose Powder

jThis is the first fixing powder I’ve ever actually used and I think it works really well. It’s a light white substance in a small plastic tub. I brought this last Halloween to use on top of my makeup and It worked quite well so I’ve been using it since then. I usually put this on after my foundation and then again after my bronzer/blusher/highlighter (but before I do my lips and eyes). It works well but it sometimes does mix with the foundation and make it powdery so I have to wait for my foundation to properly dry before applying the powder. Apart from that it’s a great product.

Rating: 8/10


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