Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review

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Link: [x] | Price: £8.00

I’ve seen a lot of people raving about this palette for a while now, mostly because it has so many amazing colours in it. It has 32 shades, 27 are shimmer and 5 are matte. I love how it has so many different shades, mostly neutral with a few corals and greys thrown in there. I feel like you do just about every look with this palette as it has colours for every occasion. My favourite colours are probably Bare Pink, Zorba, Pug, Cookie Dough, Autumn and Whole Meal. I really love all the different colour names even if Cookie Dough does always make me hungry.

These are all really pigmented and really easy to reply. I will say however their staying power doesn’t seem to be that especially without any sort of eye primer. They last for a few hours but not really a full working day, so I really only tend to wear these if I’m only going to be makeup for a few hours or if I’m going to take it with me to update my makeup throughout the day.

I should also mentioned I love that this palette comes with a huge mirror, which should honestly be a standard for any palette. Also I did plan to do some swatches of the entire palette and then the memory card those pictures were on got corrupted, but when it’s fixed I’ll try and upload the swatches.

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Revolution All About Cream Blush Palette Review

new 1newnew-3Link: [x] | Price: £6.00

So I recently picked up this All About Cream Blusher Palette by Revolution. It comes in the standard black sturdy case with 8 beautiful cream blushes. Like my previous review of the revolution golden highlighter palette I’m going to give the blushes names because they don’t have them. There’s 8 colours in this palette, many of which are quite similar. There’s a good mixture of hot pinks and dark coral tones and one light pink blush.

They blushes themselves are very soft and creamy. They apply easily and also blend well. I’ve been wearing #2 and #7 the most, but they are all very pretty and all look very nice on the skin. I will say the staying power is amazing, they last for a very long time, even after my foundation has faded my blusher is usually still going strong. I will say these shades are quite dark and don’t work that well for pale skin. I am very pale, like corpse-statue pale so really only 2 work on me. If you’ve got tan or dark skin however this would probably make you look amazing. So if you’ve got pale skin definitely check this out.

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Revolution Golden Sugar Blush and Contour Palette Review

New 2New 3New 1new-4Link: [x] | Price: £6.00

So I recently picked up this blush and contour palette by Revolution. It’s called the Golden Sugar Palette and it comes with 2 highlighters, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers. They’re all together in a nice rectangle black plastic case, which is kind of hard to open but is very secure, so there’s no chance of it breaking in your bag and spilling everywhere.

All the colours are really pigmented and look lovely on the skin. None of the colours have names, so I’m just going to give them names I made up, because why not. The first two are highlighters, called George Clooney and The Goblin King (yeah see I’m great at naming things). The George Clooney highlighter [1] is a very light pale colour whilst the Goblin King [2] is a very light biege highlighter. I’ve used both and although both are very pigmented I much prefer George Clooney which I’ve been applying under my eyebrows and along my jaw line as it looks a lot nicer on the skin and shows up a lot more on my pale face.

There’s also 4 blushes in this set, which I’m going to give amazing names. The first one, which I’m going to cool Pina Colada [3] is a very light sweet pink shade, the second one which I’ve been calling Flamingo [4] is very similar to Pina Colada but just a little bit darker. Below that are Just a little Wine [5] which is a very dark coral blush and next to that is Too Much Wine [6] which is a very dark red with sort of golden undertones. All the blushes have a slight shimmer to them. The last two items in the palette are two bronzers. The first I have named Drunk Christmas Tree [7] and it’s a very nice shimmery golden brown. The next one which I have called Sober Christmas Tree [8] is a very light matte brown.

I’ve mostly been using George Clooney [1],  The Goblin King [2], Flamingo [4] and Pina Colada [3]. I’ve found all the colours to be very very pigmented and that they stand out on the skin a lot. I love using George Clooney to highlight under my brow because I’m very pale and I find it very hard to find a highlighter that stands out against my skin without making me look like a twilight sparkling vampire. But George Clooney and The Goblin King work very well on my skin and make it so I look light I actually have some resemblance of bones in my otherwise round face.

The blushes and bronzers are also read good, very pigmented and last for a long time. This is one of the best palettes I’ve ever used from revolution and I absolutely adore it.

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Makeup Monday: Revolution Matte Effect Foundation


Another random revolution review. I swear I’m not sponsored by a lot of their product because their cheap and I’m poor, haha. Anyway this is the Revolution Matt Effect Foundation in warm beige. I had to blindly choose this based on the colour of the sticker due to the fact their were no tester available. It does however match my skin tone quite well. It’s quite a thick liquid but does blend really well. I use this daily over primer and under powder and it a good product. My only problem is that it takes quite a well to blend it in as it’s quite a thick liquid. It was only 3 pounds I believe, to apart from that small thing this product is great!

Link to purchase: [x]

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Makeup Monday: Revolution Iconic 2 Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve been on the lookout for a new eyeshadow palette for a while now and have always liked the look of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, but they’re very expensive and getting all 3 would cost at least a hundred pounds. I’ve been looking around and I was told this was a good dupe for the naked palettes and just a very good palette in general. It’s the Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2. It 12 nude eyeshadow colours. There’s a few golds, some light silver/greys and a deep black. They don’t have names which is weird as it makes it hard for me to talk about each colour individually. Normally with palettes I only use 3-4 colours but with this one I seem to have found a use for every single colour. They just all work so well together and look beautiful on when blended.  This was also super cheap, I think it cost me 4 pounds, so it’s really good if you’re a student or you don’t have a lot of money and you want to buy a eyeshadow palette without selling one of your limbs.

Link to buy: [x]

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Makeup Monday: Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer

IMG_0134It’s really hard for me to find bronzers that work since I have really really pale skin so bronzers usually make my skin look really orange. I hate that and I really wish I had more tanned skin. This bronzer is one of the only ones I’ve found that actually works with my skin tone. It comes out a very rich coffee brown but once brushed over properly it blends well with your skin tone to make it look just a little darker without making it to obvious you’re wearing it. Also I should mention this is from Revoultion brand and only cost £3 pounds which is just amazing for such a good product.

Rating: 9/10

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